In Monkey Land
Music by Theodore Morse
Words by Jack Drislane
Published 1907 by F.B. Haviland Pub. Co.

[Verse 1]
Where bree-zes blow in mon-key land
Up in a ban-yan tree.
There lived a pret-ty mon-key maid
Loved by a Chim-pan-zee

Each night he came to woo,
long-ing to bill and coo,
Pres-ents to her he'd bring;
From un-der-neath the jun-gle tree,

This song to her he'd sing.

"Oh, you pret-ty mon-key,
My heart longs for you,
Tho' I'm act-ing like a don-key,
It's be-cause I love you true,

Please come down and love me,
I think you're sim-ply grand,
I've a home I built for you,
Right here in mon-key land."

[Verse 2]
She winked her lit-tle rogu-ish eyes
Down at the Chim-pan-zee.
Then in a man-ner ve-ry wise She said
"you just suit me I think you're just my style,

And if you'll wait a while, I'll tell Ma you're my boy,"
Ma said "go get him quick my dear,"
That made him shout with joy.

[Repeat chorus]