Music by CHAS. E. BAER
Original Publication and Copyright 1902 by World Publishing Co., Phila.

[Verse 1.]
It was on a summer's day in the coalfields far away,
That I chanced upon a miner's lonely cot;
And I marvelled much to see how contented he could be,
For it seemed that he was happy with his lot.

Roses bloom'd around the door and a baby on the floor,
Lent a sunshine to that lonely mountain side,
And I said "tho' fate's unkind you are happy here I find,"
Then he answered as his face lit up with pride.

There's a light ev' ry night just to show the way,
A kiss for me at the door.
There's a smile all the while greet's me ev'ry day I'll cherish forever more,
For the joy of my life is a trusting wife and baby, why should I roam?
In sunshine or rain it is just the same,
That's a miner's home sweet home.

[Verse 2.]
I would go upon my way but he answer'd "stranger stay,
Till you hear he tory of a happy life;"
All the gold that e'er was mined is not equal you will find,
To the blessings of a baby and a wife.

When the sun inks in the west, 'tis the time I love the best,
Then I look upon my cot with heartfelt pride.
Richer homes I know there are but I'm happier by far,
With my lov'd ones by a miner's fireside.