Marie From Sunny Italy
Original Publication 1907 by Jos. W. Stern & Co.

[Verse 1]
Oh, Ma-rie, 'neath the win-dow I'm wait-ing
Oh, Ma-rie please don't be so ag-ra-va-ting
Can't you see my heart just yearns for you, dear,
With fond af-fec-tion, And love that's true, dear?

Meet me while the Sum-mer moon is beam-ing,
For you and me the lit-tle stars are gleam-ing
Please come out to-night my queen,
Can't you hear my man-do-lin?

My sweet Ma-rie from Sun-ny It-a-ly,
Oh, how I do love you,
Say that you'll love me, love me, too,
For-ev-er more I will be true,

Just say the word and I will mar-ry you,
And then you'll sure-ly be,
My sweet Ma-rie from Sun-ny It-a-ly.

[Verse 2]
Oh, Ma-rie, I've been wait-ing so pa-tient-ly.
Oh, Ma-rie, please come out and I shall hap-py be,
Raise your win-dow, love, and say you're com-ing;
The lit-tle birds, dear, Are sweet-ly hum-ming;

Don't say "No," my sweet I-tal-ian Beau-ty,
There's not an-oth-er maid-en e'er could suit me,
Come out, love, don't be a-fraid,
Lis-ten to my se-re-nade,

[Repeat Chorus]