(Wait Until You See My)
Music by Albert Von Tilzer
Words by Lew Brown
Published 1921 by Broadway Music Corporation.

[Verse 1]
I never thought I would find,
The girl that I had in mind,
I met a few Thought they would do,
But I found that fate was unkind.

After I searched ev'rywhere,
I gave it up in despair,
But one lucky day There came my way,
A girl who made me care.

Wait until you see my Madeline,
Sweet as any honeysuckle vine,
When she smiles so sweetly,
You'll be won completely,

You'll love her You'll love her,
You can't help thinking of her.
Wait until the day I make her mine,
That's one day the sun will shine,

I've got a home for two,
At present that will do,
For me and Madeline.

[Verse 2]
Some men keep searching for gold,
They all crave for wealth untold,
Longing for fame Seeking a name,
'Till they got so feeble and old.

I'm satisfied with my lot,
Happy with just what I got,
For I realize I've found a prize,
She's mine to have and hold.

[Repeat Chorus]