I'm In Love With One Of The Stars
Words and Music by George M. Cohan
Published 1909 by The Cohan & Harris Publishing Co.

[Verse 1]
Tho' I've never heard or read a lot about astronomy,
There's a certain star a shining bright has won my sympathy,
O so bright and fine, Yes brighter than the big full moon.
All night long he'll shine and sometimes in the afternoon.

I never saw a star shine thro' the day.
Well you would if you went to the Matinee.

I'm in love with one of the stars,
One of the stars that shines;
Tho' he's not a heavenly star,
None of those stars for mine,

He's twinkling brighter far than other stars are,
Jupiter or Mars, Shining brightly,
Shining nightly, One of the Broadway stars.

[Verse 2]
Clouds don't count he twinkles just the same in either rain or shine,
Rain or shine,
Thro' my opra glassea there I sit and see this star of mine,
Bright and fine.
Tho' my star of stars is here upon the earth with me,
Still those heav'nly stars much nearer to me seem to be.

Tell me what an earthly star is pray.
He's the star of a play,
And he's on Broadway.

[Repeat Chorus]