Love Me As I Love You.
Words and Music by W. T. Jefferson
Published 1898 by F.A, Mills and W.T. Jefferson

[Verse 1]
The cottage is furnished and ready
I think you can guess who it's for.
Ev'ry thing ready for you love,
All but the name on the door,

The neighbors are waiting to greet you
To welcome you to our home,
To welcome the Queen of my kingdom,
For I cannot reign there alone.

Love me, as I love you, my love,
And let me call you all my own
Love me, as I love you, my love,
The only love my heart has known.

[Verse 2]
The flow'rs are abloom in the garden,
Ablaze with the joy of spring time.
But not a flow'r that is there love,
Compares with the flow'r that is mine.
The birds are singing of you dear,
I almost can tell what they say,
They sing of the Queen of my kingdom,
They sing of our wedding day.