Music by Albert Von Tilzer
Words by Joe Rosey
Published 1904 by The York Music Co.

[Verse 1]
Bill's away, he left the other day,
I'm so lonesome,I tell you what is more,
My heart is feeling mighty sore,

Because he never left his home before
And I must write to him this very night
Just to kind o' jog his mind.
The girl he left behind ain't feeling right.

I'm so lonesome, I've been waiting long for you
Someone tell me what I really ought to do
(Oh can't you see that) I'm so lonesome, lonesome,
still I wouldn't feel so blue,
If I but knew, dear, You were kind 'o lonesome too.

[Verse 2] "Bill, come home, don't leave me all alone,
Ev'ry time I think about you, Bill,
There's such a funny little chill
That comes acreeping o'er me 'gainst my will,
Now, can't you see, how lonesome I must be?
Billy, if you stay away from me another day, you'll sure lose me."

[Repeat Chorus]