Song Of The Klondike
Music by George J. Becker
Words by Nellie V. Miller
Published 1897 by Nellie V. Miller

[Verse 1]
To A-las-ka to the Klon-dike we will go
with pick-axe and shov-el we will hoe
The mines are reek-ing with gold-en ore
new fields we should trav-el to ex-plore

Where cold winds whis-tle a-mong the hills
we will set-tle to work with drills, drills, drills.

Search the ground for gold, gold, gold
while the air is bit-ter cold, cold, cold.
Luck will come to the bold, bold, bold,
wrong do-ers are the ones sold, sold, sold.

[Verse 2]
2. So off to the Gold-fields we will go
where the wat-ers are cold and bleak winds blow
Like birds with wings we love to soar
so drill the ground pick hoe and bore

Seeing rare sights as we plod a-long
think-ing of the fu-ture com-ing home, home, home.


[Verse 3]
3. Go a-way to the mines with de-light
far from the busi-ness worries that blight
On the com-ing future shed no tear
help loved ones on with this song of cheer

To the moun-tains peak all cover'd with snow
to the Gold-en Klon-dike we will go, go, go.