Just A Gentle Touch
Music by Isidore Whitmark
Lyric by Frederic Ranken.
Published 1914 by Leo. Feist, Inc.

[Verse 1]
Daylight stealing, over night'
Finds a mother in her plight,
Watching o'er her ailing boy
Who's her ev'ry hope and joy

Cheery words from doctors lips,
While a cooling draught he sips,
Does not ease him half half so much,
much, as his mother's gentle touch.

[Refrain 1]
Just a gentle touch, just a mothers touch
As his name she'll softly call Tom.
Oft a heart quite sad is soon made glad
Thro' a gentle touch, that's all.

[Verse 2]
Two friends meet, on busy street,
Two friends recognize and greet,
One looks bright as polished steel,
Other worn but yet genteel

One tells how luck came his way
Other tells of his dismay,
One Sympathizes very much,
Till the other makes a touch.

[Refrain 2]
Just a gentle touch, now he takes a crutch
Whene'er he makes a call (Hogg)
And when he goes out friends ask him what gout?
No a gentle touch, that's all.

[Verse 3]
Narrow walls of crowded flat
Nine pianos, think of that,
Over head they scream duetts
I am told that they're soubrettes

Neighbors daughter big and strong
Plays "Dead March" like comic song
Wouldn't mind it If she had a light- er touch.

[Refrain 3]
Oh! her gentle touch, worries me so much
And she always starts to bawl,
(Hogg) They'll have rooms to let they'll be mine you bet,
Thro' her gentle touch, that's all.