Down In Jungle Town
Music by Theodore Morse
Words by Edward Madden
Published 1908 by F.B. Haviland Pub. Co.

[Verse 1]
Down in Jun-gle Town, the moon shone down with-out a frown;
Soon a shy bab-oon came out to spoon be-neath the moon;
Monk-ey Doo-dle wagged his noo-dle, he was Jun-gle King,
She felt flat-tered when he chat-tered, "You're a pret-ty thing
Big bam-boo, room for two, So prom-ise you'll be true."

Down in Jun-gle Town, A hon-ey-moon is com-ing soon;
Then you'll hear a ser-e-nade To a pret-ty monk-ey maid,
And in Monk-ey Land, the chim-pan-zees sing in the trees
"She'll be true to Mon-key doo-dle doo" Way down in Jun-gle Town

[Verse 2]
Soon he came to spoon, be-neath the moon, with his bab-oon;
Tho' an-oth-er beau who loves her so, won't let her go;
King got sore, then soft-ly swore "His tale of love I'll cut"
First he bit him then he hit him with a co-coa-nut
Hear them sing "Hail the King! He's Jun-gle Town's real thing."

[Repeat Chorus]