Listen To That Jungle Band
Music by Kendis & Paley
Words by Alfred Bryan
Published 1910 by Maurice Shapiro

[Verse 1]
There was a hot time down in Jung-le land,
That night the whole men-ag-e-rie;
They got to-geth-er, or-gan-ized a band,

You nev-er heard such mel-o-dy.
The ba-boon, he made a mon-key of him-self,
He beat the Hip-po for a drum,

At this the li-ons all be-gan to roar,
And the Hy-e-na cried with fun:

Lis-ten to that Jung-le band,
Jung-le band, ain't it grand?
Lis-ten to the 'rang-ou-tang,
Hear those jing-les jing-le,
jung-le, jung-le, jing-les.

Lis-ten to the Chim-pan-zee,
On the Key, off the key,
Mon-key toot-sie, woot-sies,
Danc-ing hoot-chie, koot-chies,
Lis-ten to that Jun-gle band.

[Verse 2]
One love-sick mon-key sang a mourn-ful wail,
He rolled his eyes up to the moon;
Just then the El-e-phant stepped on his tail,

This made the Mon-key change his tune.
Then Mis-ter Gi-raffe joined in and topped them all,
This filled their hearts with jeal-ous-y,

Then Mis-ter Mon-key climbed a tree so tall,
Un-til his voice it reached high "C."

[Repeat Chorus]