I Wonder If You Love Me In The Same Old Way
Music by Henry Schmidt
Words by P. Barber
Published 1906 by Washington Music Pub. Co.

[Verse 1]
The stars are shining bright at night for you, my golden queen!
To me their gleam is all untrue, a way they go unseen;
The nightingales for you do sing so sweetly, sweetheart mine,
Their music thrills my soul with love for you, as I repine;

The wailing of the winds bring back the memories of old,
When you and I together sat and words of love then told.
'Tis far away beyond the hills, beside the rippling stream,
I long to see your dear, sweet face, my sweetheart, Augustine.

I wonder if you love me in the same old way,
And if the same sweet smile will greet me day by day.
You know I love you, dear, Your heart may be sincere,
Still I wonder if you love me in the same old way.

[Verse 2]
The sun is rising in the East with rays of gold so bright,
At dawn they always fade away, another sleepless night.
In fancy I can gaze on one, a lass with golden hair.
Tho clouds appear before me, dear, with darkness and despair,

My thoughts they wander to a path, it is so far away,
A path where I have kiss'd you, love, so happy and so gay.
'Tis there I long to see again your gentle face my queen,
The words of love can tell you this my sweetheart, Augustine.