I May Be Gone For A Long Long Time
Composer: Music by Albert Von Tilzer
Lyricist: Words by Lew Brown
Published 1917 by Broadway Music Corporation.

[Verse 1]
Goodbye dear, I'm leaving you today
Don't cry dear, just dry those tears away,
Duty calls and I must obey,
but I'll always hope and pray.
While I'm sailing far across the sea,
will you always think of me?

I may be gone for a long, long time
long, long time long, long time,
But when I go you will know that
I'll always pine for the day when you'll be mine

Be true to me for a long, long time,
rain or shine, sweetheart mine,
and I'll be just as true to you,
as to the Red,White and Blue
though I'm gone for a long, long time.

[Verse 2]
Some day dear, When I come back to you
We will build a little home for two,
Then we'll settle down, dear,
for life far away from care and strife.
Cheer up dear, and when I'm far away,
don't forget to write each day.

[Repeat Chorus]