I Love You In The Same Old Way
(Darling Sue)
Music by John W. Bratton
Words by Walter H. Ford
Published 1896 by M. Whitmark & Sons

[Verse 1]
Bright was the day, bells ringing gay,
When to church I brought my Sue,
I felt so proud, 'fore all the crowd,
Just to think that I'd won her,

Dressed up in her gingham gown,
Just to come with me to town,
How the sun was shining down,
It seemed to bless our little weddin' day.

Darling Sue, dear,
How I miss your laughing,
Seems to me it sounded like the birds at play,

Darling Sue, dear,
Don't believe I'm chafing,
Bless your heart I love you in the same old way.

[Verse 2]
Dark was the night, no stars in sight,
When to church I brought my Sue,
Left all alone, heart like a stone,
Never was such a true love,

"Dust to dust" the parson said,
While I bowed my old gray head,
How I wished 'Twas me instead,
But I'll be patient 'till you call me home.


[Verse 3]
Under a tree, planted by we,
Where she lies there's room for me,
In shine or storm, over her form,
I lay bunches of posies,

Flowers that she loved so well,
Not the kind that town folks sell,
Just a little wild bluebell,
I bring and lay it where my heart lies too.