I Like You
Music by William F. Peters
Words by Charles J. Campbell & Ralph M. Skinner
Published 1903 by M. Whitmark & Sons

[Verse 1]
A youth will meet a maid pe-tite,or tall and slen-der,
Not to of-fend her with glanc-es ten-der
He'll whis-per pret-ty lit-tle speech-es,
soft and mel-low, And say "do tell oh, please tell a fel-low,

If you will stroll where none can see, and sum-mer moon beams,
In balm-y June gleams, up-on the spoon-teams,"
There with arm a-round her waist,
where no doubt it will be placed,
Were you near e-nough, you'd hear him say:

I like you, like your style, like your smile,
That twin-kle in your eye, gets me I don't know why;
I like you, yes I do, that is true,
There's likes I've liked but none I like, like I like you.

[Verse 2]
That lit-tle maid, 'tho' shy and in-no-cent will rule him,
In flirt-ing school him, most like-ly fool him,
She'll say "Please don't," while from his fond em-brace re-ceed-ing,
And to his plead-ing, she'll give no heed-ing,

Un-til she sud-den-ly re-mem-bers,
he'll be hand-y, For gloves and can-dy,
and he's a dan-dy So she lets him steal a kiss,
which of course she'll nev-er miss,
As she mur-murs in the same old way.

[Repeat Chorus]