The Homeland
Music by E.W. Hanscom
Words by H.R. Haweis
Published 1900 by Arthur P. Schmidt

[Through composed]
My Home-land, oh my Home-land,
The land of souls free-born!
No gloom-y night is known there,
But aye the fade-less morn;

I'm sigh-ing for that coun-try,
My heart is ach-ing here;
There's no pain in the Home-land,
To which I'm draw-ing near.

My Lord is in the Home-land,
With an-gels bright and fair;
No sin-ful thing or e-vil
Can ev-er en-ter there;

The mu-sic of the ran-somed
Is ring-ing in my ears,
And when I think of Home-land,
My eyes are filled with tears.

My loved ones in the Home-land
Are wait-ing me to come,
Where nei-ther death nor sor-row
In-vade their ho-ly home;

O dear, dear na-tive coun-try!
O rest and peace a-bove!
Christ bring us to the Home-land
Of his e-ter-nal love.