One That He Loves Best.
Words and Music by Edward W. Corliss
Published 1902 by White-Smith Music Pub. Co.

[Verse 1]
Sing of Amelia Ann, Car- lie and sweet Su- sanne,
Sing of pretty Maisie,Mary and Angeline,
Peggy and Clementine, Mignonette and Daisy.
Every girl is sweet, dainty and dear and neat,
Ev'ry soldier loves her.

But they all declare that there's a love that is best of all.
Yes!There's a love that is always best of all!
Yes! There is one that has his heart in thrall!
One that he loves alone,One that he calls his own,
One that he loves best.

For he loves the flag he fights beneath
At freedoms high command,
And he loves the comrade tried and true
He loves his native land

But there is a love the soldier feels
That's better far than all the rest,
There's the love of one whose heart is his
'Tis the girl that he loves the best.

[Verse 2]
When to the war he goes, Nobody ever knows.
Where his heart may wander, Whether it be Japan,
Africa, Yucatan,
Honeyed words he'll squander:

But tho' he bide away,
Many a weary day,
There is one who loves him.
And he's sure when he comes home
to find she's the best of all.