Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land
Music by Jean Schwartz
Lyrics by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young
Published 1918 by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder

[Verse 1]
When the gray shad-ows creep,
And the world is a-sleep,
In the still of the night,
Ba-by creeps down a flight.

First she looks all a-round,
With-out mak-ing a sound;
The ba-by tod-dles up to the tel e-phone,
And whis-pers in a ba by tone:

"Hel-lo Cen-tral give me No Man's Land,
My dad-dy's there, my mam-ma told -me;
She tip-toed off to bed, Af-ter my pray'rs were said,
Don't ring when you get my num ber,
Or you'll dis-turb mam-ma's slum ber.

I'm a-fraid to stand here at the 'phone,
'Cause I'm a-lone, So won't you hur-ry;
I want to know why mam-ma starts to weep,
When I say, "now I lay me down to sleep;"
Hel-lo Cen-tral give me No Man's Land."

[Verse 2]
From the shad-ows of night,
Comes a beau-ti-ful light,
And the sun-shine that beams,
Finds a ba-by in dreams.

Mam-ma looks in to see,
Where her dar-ling can be;
She finds her ba-by still
in her slumb-er deep,
A whis-p'ring while she's fast a-sleep: