God that madest Earth and Heaven
Music by Wilfrid Sanderson
Words by Reginald Heber and Richard Whatley
Published 1903 by Boosey & Co.

[Through composed]
God, that ma-dest earth and heav-en,
Dark-ness and light;
Who the day for toil hast giv-en
For rest the night;

May Thine An-gel guards de-fend us,
Slum-ber sweet Thy mer-cy send us,
Ho-ly dreams and hopes at-tend us,
This live-long night.

Guard us wak-ing, guard us sleep-ing;
And, when we die,
May we in Thy might-y keep-ing
All peace-ful lie;

When the last dread call shall wake us,
Do not Thou, our God, for-sake us,
But to reign in glo-ry take us,
With Thee on high,

But to reign in glor-y take us,
With Thee on high.