For Me And My Gal
Music by George W. Meyer
Words by Edgar Leslie and E. Ray Goetz
Published 1917 by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder

What a beau-ti-ful day,
For a wed-ding in May,
See the peo-ple all stare
At the lov-a-ble pair,

She's a vi-sion of joy,
He's the luck-i-est boy,
In his wed-ding ar-ray,
Hear him smil-ing-ly say.

The bells are ring-ing
for me and my gal,
The birds are sing-ing
for me and my gal,

Ev-'ry-bod-y's been know-ing,
To a wed-ding they're go-ing,
And for weeks they've been sew-ing,
Ev-'ry Su-sie and Sal,

They're con-gre-gat-ing
for me and my gal,
The Par-son's wait-ing
for me and my gal,

And some-time, I'm goin' to build
a lit-tle home for two,
For three or four or more;
In Love-land For me and my gal.

[Chorus repeats]