In The Land Of Far Cathay
Music by J. Arndt Morris
Words by Mary Wood
Published 1903 by The New York American And Journal,
Copyright J. Arndt Morris

[Verse 1]
In the land of far Cath-ay,
Hun-dred years are as a day,
Time's not meas-ured so they say,
In the land of far Cath-ay.

There the maids are milk-y white,
Flash-ing eyes and hair of night,
Lips and kiss-es to in-vite,
Voice like mu-sic, so they say.

Oo-lah! Oo-lah! Hear the song;
Oo-lah! Oo-lah! Come a-long;
Oo-lah! Oo-lah! Night and day
Oo-lah! Oo-lah! Far Cath-ay

[Verse 2]
There the streams are crys-tal clear,
Bread-fruit trees are bend-ing near,
Thirst or hun-ger none need fear,
Cold or temp-est so they say.

Rest-ing in the cool-ing shade,
By some dusk-y Cath-ay maid,
Watch the dan-cers in the glade,
In the land of far Cath-ay.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
When the moon has ris-en slow,
When the night lamps soft-ly glow,
Two by two the sing-ers go.
All are ma-ted, so they say.

When at last the on-ly light
is the glow-worm, fit-ful, bright,
Love is mas-ter of the night,
In the land of far Cath-ay.

[Repeat Chorus]