Early In The Morning "Blues"
By Ray Brown and Ray Klages
Published MCMXXII by Irving Berlin, Inc.

[Verse 1]
I'm not sad, and I never feel bad,
I'm as happy as I can be;
I won't fret, for I never have yet,
There is nothing that worries me.

But Oh,Oh, there's a time when I feel so blue,
That's why I am singing the blues to you

Oh, those Early in the morning
when the day is dawning blues,
Big Ben upon the table
ringing out unwelcome news,

You hate to leave your bed so warm,
On a cold and frosty morn,
And even tho' you're late,
You want to hesitate,

You start to stretch and yawn,
The clock keeps on a callin;
You keep on a stallin' too,
You haven't got another minute to lose,

Then you bid your bed a fond adieu,
And wish you could take it down to work with you,
Oh those early in the morning,
When the day is dawning blues.

Birds are a-singing, and steam pipes are a ringing,
While you're tucked away in the hay,

Roosters are crowing and the clock gets a going,
Then your dreams all will vanish away

Then you get out of bed, Wishing that you were dead,
Feeling as tired as a Turk,You get so mad,
until you make up your mind to kill The guy who invented work.

[Verse 2]
Soon I'll go, where its forty below,
To the land of the ice and snow;
In a hut, where I'll do nothing but,
Live the life of an Eskimo.

For I know that's the only place I belong,
Up there Where the nights are all six months long.