I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard
Music by H.W. Petrie
Words by Philip Wingate
Published 1894 by H.W. Petrie Music Co.

[Verse 1]
Once there lived side by side, two lit-tle maids,
Used to dress just a-like, hair down in braids,
Blue ging-ham pin-a-fores, stock-ings of red,
Lit-tle sun bon-nets tied on each pret-ty head.

When school is o-ver se-crets they'd tell,
Whis-per-ing arm in arm down by the well
One day a quar-rel came hot tears were shed:
"You can't play in our yard," But the oth-er said:

I don't want to play in your yard,
I don't like you a-ny more,
You'll be sor-ry when you see me,
Slid-ing down our cel-lar door,

You can't hol-ler down our rain-barrel,
You can't climb our ap-ple tree,
I don't want to play in your yard
If you won't be good to me.

[Verse 2]
Next day two lit-tle maids each oth-er miss,
Quar-rels are soon made up, sealed with a kiss,
Then hand in hand a-gain, hap-py they go,
Friends all thro' life to be, they love each oth-er so.

Soon school days pass a-way, sor-rows and bliss
But love re-mem-bers yet, quar-rels and kiss,
In sweet dream of child-hood, we hear the cry:
"You can't play in our yard," And the old re-ply:

[Chorus repeats]