Dear Heart
Music by W.C. Polla & Willard Goldsmith
Words by Jean Lefavre
Published 1919 by C.C. Church & Co.

[Verse 1]
I'm dreaming dreams, of days gone by,
A heart that once was true,
Of rosy lips, enchanting smiles,
And eyes of fairest blue

But mem'ry is all that's left,
Another claims the prize,
Still in my dreams I feel the love,
That once beamed in those eyes.

Dear heart, are you true to me,
My heart yearns for only thee,
My soul knows no sunshine,
Unless you are mine.

Faithful I will always be,
You're more than the world to me,
Come bring back the sunshine,
Dear, Dear heart.

[Verse 2]
But dreams come true when faith fails not,
As sunshine follows rain,
And rosy lips, enchanting smiles,
Are mine once more again

And mem'ry's now reality,
I've fairly won the prize,
No cloud can hide the wondrous light,
That now beams in those eyes.