The Cuckoo's Call
Words and Music by Edgar Selden
Published 1885 by Benjamin W. Hitchcock

[Verse 1]
When the eventide draws near,
And stars begin to peep,
All nature then is hushed and still,
And flow'rs have gone to sleep,

'Tis then I love to roam afar,
When silence reigns o'er all,
And listen for that song most dear,
The lonely cuckoo's call.

Cuckoo, cuckoo,
I know you are calling,
Yo-ho-lei-ho-le, Yo-hol-ei,
You always sing when
dew drops are falling,

[Verse 2]
Softly on a summer's eve,
The cuckoo calls its mate,
I linger list'ning to the sound,
Until the hour grows late,

It has for me a magic charm,
I love it best of all,
When weary at the close of day,
To hear the cuckoo's call.


[Verse 3]
Thro' the woods I love to roam,
When free from toil or care,
And rest within some mossy nook,
Amid the flow'rs so fair,

The evening shadows close around,
The night begins to fall,
And as I near the garden gate,
I hear the cuckoo's call.