La Cucaracha
Traditional Mexican

[Verse 1]
Lis-ten to the sol-diers sing-ing,
They don't seem to have a wor-ry
Lis-ten to their hap-py laugh-ter,
To the vil-age they will hur-ry.

[Verse 2] (Both verses sung before chorus)
Ev-'ry sol-dier has a sweet-heart,
Some-thing for her he will bring
And to-night be-neath the moon-light
Here's the song that he will sing.

[1st Chorus]
La cu-ca-rach-a, La cu-ca-ra-cha
I've been lone-some all the time;
La cu-ca-rach-a, La cu-ca-rach-a
Sen-or-i-ta, say you're mine.

[2nd Chorus] (Sung as repeat)
La cu-ca-rach-a, La cu-ca-ra-cha
See the sil-v'ry moon a-bove;
La cu-ca-rach-a, La cu-ca-rach-a
Let us join our hearts in love.