Here Comes The Bride.
(The Girl Who Stole My Lovin' Man Away)

Music by Albert Von Tilzer
Words by Lew Brown
Published 1912 by The York Music Co.

[Verse 1]
Hear those churchbells aringing,
Hear that choir a-singing,
That's why I'm sad,That's why I'm mad,
There's nobody to hear me,

There's nobody to cheer me,
Someone stole my man away,
On this my wedding day,

Now I'm left in the lurch,
'cause when I get to that church

I saw my angel chile amarching down the aisle,
Upon his face he wore a smile,
While I cried as if my heart was going to break
when I thought of who was goin' to eat that wedding cake,

And when the preacher man took the wedding band
and placed it on that woman's hand,
I started in to pray and then I heard the organ play:
Here comes the bride,Here comes the bride,
The girl who stole my lovin' man away.

[Verse 2]
When that man was near dying,
I just sat there crying,
I pawned my rings,To buy him things,
Oh how that man did pet me,

Said he'd never forget me,
But this promise wasn't good,
I'd sue him if I could,

But there's no use to sigh,
I just wish that I could die.

[Repeat Chorus]