Chili Bean

(Eenie - Meenie - Minie - Mo)

Composer: Music by Albert Von Tilzer
Lyricist: Words by Lew Brown
Published 1920 by The Broadway Music Corporation

[Verse 1]
In the land of Eenie meenie minie mo,Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
not long ago Lived a girl called Chili,
and the fellows loved her so,
They loved her so They loved her do re me fa sol,

They were a lot of little profiteers who came from near and far,
They loved the um ta da, She played on her guitar.
Ev'ry night in the pale moonlight they gathered 'neath the stars,
And as they formed a ring,They all began to sing:

Oh! you lank and leany Chili Beanie eenie minie mo,
You know we love you so, We love your ja da, um ta da da,
Our lives won't be so dreamy if you let us go.
You think we're full of blarney,
We're full of Chili Con Carne

Chili Bean said, "Boys, I'm green,
I don't know what you mean,
You know that I'm so slow,
What you want I do not know."

They said, "Now listen Chili, dear," Oh by Jingo! sent us here,
You lank and leany Chili beanie,
We'll have lots of eenie meenies,
We'll feed them all on weenies, eenie minie mo." Oh! you mo."

[Verse 2]
Now this girl called Chili had a lot of dough, Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
she loved it so But she was so silly, and she let the fellows know,
She let them know That she had do re me fa sol,

When all the little profiteers found out they went to Chili Bean,
They said, "From what we've seen You'd make a dandy Queen."
Chili said, "You can go ahead, when do I reign supreme?"
They said, "For what you've got we'll crown you on the spot.

[Repeat Chorus]