California And You
Music By Harry Puck
Words by Edgar Leslie
Published 1914 by Kalmar & Puck Music Co.

[Verse 1]
Oh! you old Pa-cif-ic coast,
Oh! you land I love the most,
Soon I'll be re-turn-ing to you,
To my sweet-heart lov-ing and true;

I just mailed a lit-tle note
Writ-ten to the one I miss,
Just a sim-ple lit-tle note
I be-gan by say-ing this.

Don't you re-mem-ber Cal-i-for-nia in Sep-tem-ber?
As we stood in the wood 'neath the beau-ti-ful sky,
I made you cry When I whis-pered good-bye,
but dear-ie Don't you re-mem-ber That I prom-ised I'd be true?

So ex-pect a choo choo That's bring-ing me back
to Cal-i-for-nia and you.

[Verse 2]
Oh! you or-ange scent-ed air,
Oh! you train that brings me there,
Ev'-ry oth-er coun-try I see,
On-ly makes you dear-er to me;

Thro' my Pull-man win-dow pane
As my sta-tion's draw-ing near,
I can hear my-self a-gain
Sing-ing in my hon-ey's ear.

[Repeat Chorus]