Back To The Bleachers For Mine
Music by Albert Von Tilzer
Words by Harry Breen
Published 1910 by The York Music Co.

[Verse 1]
Now, mamie Mc Shane loved a good baseball game,
And each year she'd wait for them to start,
Her father and mother, her sister and brother,
They knew all the players by heart;

She'd drop her crocheting to find out who's playing,
When they went away in the Spring,
When Freddie said smilin', let's go to the Island,
She'd put on her bonnet and sing:

Back,Back, back to the bleachers for mine, for mine,
Back, back, back where the rooters root all the time,
I want to sit where the crowd comes in,
I want to root for our team to win,
So it's back, back, back to the bleachers for mine, mine, mine.

[Verse 2]
Her sweetheart said, girlie, let's get married early,
If you'll be my bride in July,
I'll take you to all games whereever there's ballgames,
But mamie she just winked her eye;

She blushed and said,
Freddie, whenever you're ready,
I'd even get married in June,
If you will not shake me, but promise to take me,
When we go on our honeymoon:

[Repeat Chorus]