I'm Goin' Back To Old Nebraska
Music by Bert L. Rule
Words by Ray Sherwood
Published 1914 by A.J. Stasny Music Co.

[Verse 1]
Don't make me wait, Pal, Oh, don't make me wait,
I can't he-si-tate, Pal, I can't he-si-tate
I am go-ing home, Nev-er a-gain to roam,
It's gett-ing late Pal, but still I'll ex-plain,
I've got a-bout ten min-utes left to catch my train.

I'm go-ing back to old Ne-bras-ka to that wild and wool-y land
Gee, but I feel grand soon I will be fly-ing out West
Just to in-vest in the land I love best
I'm go-ing back to my dear old Pal My lov-ing gal that's why,

In Ne-bras-ka I will ask her just to be my bride,
To a lit-tle church we'll wan-der side by side,
Oh hear that whis-tle blow-ing, Pal I must be go-ing,
Back to old Ne-bras-ka Good-bye.

[Verse 2]
Look at this note Pal, Just look at this note
And see what she wrote Pal, just see what she wrote
That's some post-script too, Don't it ap-peal to you,
Each lit-tle cross means a bun-dle of joy,
You're right I think that I'm a might-y luck-y boy.

[Repeat Chorus]