Original Publication 1910 by Ted Snyder Co. Inc.

[Verse 1]
Hon-ey, that lead-er man lead like a lead-er can,
Just see him lead-in' that band,
My hon-ey, don't you un-der-stand,
That they're play-in' mus-ic grand?

And, Just nev-er mind the name, Rag-time is all the same,
Mu-sic is mu-sic with me.
But I will say that it's beau-ti-ful, hon!
With a great big cap-i-tal B.

Oh! oh! oh! oh! Oh! that beau-ti-ful rag,
It sets my heart a reel-in'
Oh! oh! oh! oh! Oh! that beau-ti-ful drag,
That fun-ny feel-ing steal-ing,

Hear that trom-bone blow-in,' hon,'
Ain't dem fid-dles go-in' some?
Oh! sir, Oh! sir, cud-dle up clos-er,
Squeeze me like you would a flow-er,
Make a min-ute last an hour,

Oh! oh! oh! oh! Oh! that heav-en-ly strain,
It makes me feel so fan-cy,
If I ev-er cry, "Don't play it a-gain,"
Just don't be-lieve me, hon-ey,

Oh, my dear-ie, can't you hear me call-in'?
Come up near me, catch me, dear, I'm fall-in,'
Oh! oh! oh! oh! Oh! that beau-ti-ful rag.

[Verse 2]
What does my hon-ey want? Go in a res-tau-rant?
Now you is talk-in' some sense,
And this here place is just im-mense,
I know you don't mind ex-pense, Hence,

Bring on yo' bill o' fare, Hon-ey, I do de-clare,
Some-how I'm feel-in for-lorn. Hear them play-in'
that old beau-ti-ful rag,
Now my ap-pe-tite is gone.

[Repeat Chorus]