She's A Grand Old Arkansas
Words and Music by Martha E. Treadway
Published 1911 by A. W. Perry & Sons

[Verse 1]
You may trav-el 'round thru ev-ery land and clime
View the sights of all the world sub-lime
But best of all, you will re-call Old Ark-an-sas.

For no grand-er state this U. S. A. can claim
Full every grace be-decks her prec-ious name
Then prais-es sing! O, let 'em ring!
She's a grand old Ark-an-sas

O there's no-thing like this glo-ri-ous State Super-nal Our Ark-an-sas,
Let her fame ring wide Our prais-es be e-ter-nal For Ark-an-sas,
Some may roam a-far in quest of wealth and glo-ry
But ev-ery time They come turn-ing back in a beat-en track
To Ark-an-sas' bless-ed clime.

[Verse 2]
There the ap-ple trees are la-den with their bloom
The night air breathes of na-ture's own perfume
In-cense so sweet! life so com-plete In Ark-an-sas.

Fields of wav-ing grain and mead-ows deep in hay
Sun-shine flood-ing glo-ry, day by day
We love her so We'd have you know
She's a grand old Ark-an-sas

[Repeat Chorus]