Shine On! Arizona Moon
Music by Harold Freeman
Words by Harry Donovan
Published 1915 by Eastern Music Co.

[Verse 1]
1. When the Ar-i-zon-a Moon is shin-ing,
There my heart is yearn-ing just to be,
Ev-'ry time I think of you I'm pin-ing
Won-der if you think a bit of me.

And I'm going to come back home and get you
Going to place a ring up-on your hand
You may try to say "No," I won't let you
May-be you will un-der-stand. So,

Shine On! Ar-i-zon-a Moon Up in the sky,
You know that we want to spoon, Please hide your eye;
Grant me just this lit-tle boon, Don't make me cry,
Gee, my heart is lone-ly, I want on-ly,
Mis-ter Ar-i-zon-a Moon.

[Verse 2]
2. We were mar-ried just a year a-go dear,
And I love you more and more each day.
It is time sweet-heart for you to know dear,
Just the mean-ing of the words I say,

Of-ten mem-'ry takes me way out west dear,
Way out west where life is all a song,
That's the place I love the ver-y best dear,
That's where you and I be-long. So,

[Repeat Chorus]