America Forever,
Music by E.T. Paull
Words by H.A. Freeman
Published 1898 by E.T. Paull Music

Rise Co-lum-bia; call the mus-ter roll!
All true men are with you heart and soul
Wave old Glo-ry; let the ea-gle scream;
Truth and right and jus-tice are su-preme.

Here your boys come fif-teen mil-lion strong;
Farm and ham-let swell the might-y throng;
Each man read-y, firm and stead-y,
Hear our voi-ces blend in mar-tial song,

We're com-ing, A-mer-i-ca to see you through,
You're on-ly to set the task for us to do;
We're trus-ty A-mer-i-cans all tried and true;
"Our Coun-try, for-ev-er!" is our cry,

If you want us to man the forts or sail the seas,
We're sol-diers or mar-i-ners, which e'er you please;
What ev--er you would make us,
Here we are if you will- take us,
And with you we'll do or die.

See from the North the my-ri-ads come!
Hark from the South the roll- of the drum!
Broth-ers u-nit-ed pa-tri-ots, plight-ed
Ev'-ry man- a sol-dier brave,

East sends her quo-ta, he-roes all;
West does not loi-ter at hon-or'-s call;
Shoul-der to shoul-der, who could be bold-er?
Vic-to-ry or glo-ry's grave.

"My Coun-try, 'tis of Thee.
Sweet Land of Lib-er-ty,
Of Thee I sing;

Land where my fath-ers died,
Land of the Pil-grim's pride,

From ev'-ry moun-tain-side
Let Free-dom ring."