Way Down Yonder In The Cornfield (Alabama)
Words and Music by Cobb & Edwards
Published 1901 by F.A. Mills

[Verse 1]
I was far a-way from home,
I was far a-cross the foam,
In a har-bor where the ships at an-chor lay
And my eyes they filled with tears,
first in man-y, man-y years,

As I gazed up-on a ship out in the bay
Said a stran-ger "Do you sigh,
for the flag she floats so high?"
But I point-ed to he name and read with pride

"Al-a-ba-ma" grand and great,
"Al-a-ba-ma" my own state,
Then I seemed to see a-cross the o-cean wide.

I see a field of cot-ton and fa-ces long for-got-ten,
I saw my dear old moth-er stand-ing by the cab-in door
The eve-ning bells were ring-ing, fond rec-ol-lec-tions bring-ing,
I heard the dar-kies sing-ing, "Way down yon-der in the corn-field."

[Verse 2}
Spoke the stran-ger once a-gain,
"Man-y years I've sailed the main
As the cap-tain of the ship you view with pride
If your home you want to see,
come, my boy go back with me,

For I know your heart lies on the oth-er side"
Once a-gain a-cross the sea,
as in days that used to be
I was stand-ing in my dear old boy-hood state

"Al-a-ba-ma" o'er the foam,
"Al-a-ba-ma" "Home sweet home"
As I en-tered thro' the old plan-ta-tion gate.

[Repeat Chorus]