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Our catalog is set up to provide you with a listing of those songs that we have already published, some information about them, and links to the page(s) on which they have appeared.

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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
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Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location
Wabash Blues, The 1921 Fred Meinken Dave Ringle April, 07 Issue
Wait For The Roses 1921 Arthur F. Tate Edward Lockton May, '01 Issue
Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie 1905 Harry Von Tilzer Andrew B. Sterling January, '02
Wait Till You Get Them Up In The Air Boys1919Albert Von TilzerLew BrownFeb., 01 Issue
Waiting For The Robert E. Lee1912Lewis F. MuirL. Wolfe GilbertMarch '01 Issue
Wake Up America! 1916 Jack Glogau George Graff, Jr. April, '04 Issue
Walking In Her Garden 1904 Carrie Jacobs-Bond Bond May, '06 Issue
Walkin' The Dog1916Shelton BrooksBrooksApril, 2011 Issue
Waltz Of The Flower Fairies1909 Marie Crosbynone, piano solo June, 2003 Issue
Waltz of the Snowflakes1906 J. S. Fearis piano solo May, '07 Issue
Waltzing With The One You Love1905 George Evans & Ren Shields Evans & ShieldsSept., '05 Issue
Wang Wang Blues, The 1921 Leo Wood, Gus Mueller, "Buster" Johnson, Henry Busse composers April, 07 Issue
War Babies1916James F. HanleyBallard MacDonald, Edward MaddenDec., 2000 Issue
Warmest Baby In The Bunch, The 1897 George M. Cohan Cohan July, 2004
Washington Waddle, The 1911 Theodore Morse Jack Mahoney Nov.,'03 Issue
Water-Cress 1909 W.C. Powell piano solo May 99 Issue
Water Lily 1902 Paul Ducelle piano solo May 99 Gallery
Watermelon Breezes1904Kate Kyronone, piano soloSept., 2002 Issue
Way Down In Iowa (I'm Going To Hide Away) 1916 George W. Meyer Sam M. LewisMay,'03 Issue
Way Down Yonder In The Cornfield (Alabama)1901Cobb & Edwards Cobb & Edwards March, '03 Issue
We Are All Americans1918Carrie Jacobs-Bond Fannie Hodges Newman July, '01 Issue
We Never Did That Before 1918 Edward Laska Laska Dec.,'03 Issue
We Beat Them At The Marne 1918 Lt. Gitz Rice Rice April, '04 Issue
We Were Shipmates, Jack and I1890Will E. NankvelleJulian HolmesEssay, Songs of the Sea
Weaving My Dreams 1922 Victor Herbert Gene Buck Ziegfeld & His Follies, Jan, '04
Wedding Bells1909J. Fred HelfRobert F. RodenFeb., '11 Issue
Wedding Glide, The 1912 Louis A. Hirsch Hirsch June, 2004
Wedding March from "Midsummer's Night Dream" ca.1900Felix Mendelssohnpiano soloDecember, '01 Issue
Weeping, Sad and Lonely (When This Cruel War Is Over) 1863 Henry Tucker Charles Carroll Sawyer October, 2008 Feature
We'll All Go Hame The Same Way1916 Sir Harry LauderLauderDecember, '04
We'll Carry The Star Spangled Banner Thru The Trenches 1917 Daisy M. Erd Erd April, '04 Issue
We'll Have A Jubilee In My Old Kentucky Home 1915Walter DonaldsonColeman GoetzMay, '02 Issue
We're Custer's Soldier Boys 1917 Vernon T. Stevens Stevens Nov.,'03 Issue
We're Ready For Teddy Again 1912 Alfred Solman Harry D. Kerr Nov.,'02 Issue
What A Man! 1926 Walter Donaldson & Ralph Williams composers August 98, Issue
What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry? 1926 Walter Donaldson, Abe Lyman arr. Art Tatum Jan. 99 Issue
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For 1916 Joe McCarthy, Howard Johnson, Jimmie Monaco composers Feb., 99 Gallery
When Church Is Out 1887 Carrie Jacobs-Bond Bond June, 00 Essay
When Cupid Comes A-Tapping1916 Samuel Lehman/td> Lloyd Barrett November, '05 Issue
When God Gave Me You I Know Got More Than My Share 1916 Grant Clarke, Howard Johnson composers Feb., 99 Issue
When The Good Old Summertime Comes round 1916 Max Clay Clay Feb., 2007
When I Dream Of Old Erin I'm Dreaming Of You1912Leo FriedmanMarvin LeeMar., 2002 Issue
When I Leave The World Behind 1915 Irving Berlin Berlin October, '01 Issue
When I Lost You 1912Irving BerlinBerlinOctober, '01 Issue
When I Was Twenty One1918 Sir Harry LauderLauderDecember, '04
When I Was Twenty One and You Were Sweet Sixteen 1911 Egbert Van AlstyneHarry WilliamsOctober, '04
When I'm Alone I'm Lonesome 1911 Irving BerlinBerlinFeb., '03 Issue
When I'm Looking At You 1929 Herbert Stothart Clifford Grey July 98, Gallery
When It's Moonlight In Mayo1914Percy WenrichJack MahoneyMar., 2002 Issue
When It's Moonlight In Tokio 1917Charles P. Shisler, Billy JamesBobby HeathJanuary, '03 Issue
When It's Moonlight on the Mississippi 1915 Arthur Lange Billy Vanderveer Rivers of Melody Feature
When Knighthood Was In Flower1922 Victor HerbertWilliam Le BaronNovember, '04
When Pansies Bloom Again1899Charles QuinnAdam CraigSep., 2000 Issue
When Someone Pulls The String1897Charles HoytHoytOct., 2000 Issue
When That Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam'1912Irving BerlinBerlinFeb., 01 Issue
When The Angelus Is Ringing 1914Bert GrantJoe YoungJune, '02 Issue
When The Birds In Georgia Sing Of Tennessee 1907 Ernest R. Ball Arthur J. Lamb Nov.,'03 Issue
When the Bluebirds Nest Again Sweet Nellie Gray 1907J. Fred HelfBartley CostelloFeb., '11 Issue
When The Cherry Blossoms Fall (Love Is Love) 1919Anselm GoetzlWilliam Cary DuncanDecember, '05 Issue
When The Flowers Bloom In Springtime (Molly Dear) 1906Harry Von TilzerAndrew B. SterlingFebruary, '04 Issue
When The Great Red Dawn Is Shining 1917 Evelyn Sharpe Edward Lockton May 99 Gallery
When The Harvest Days Are Over (Jessie Dear) 1900Harry Von TilzerHoward GrahamFebruary, '04 Issue
When The Lilies Bloom In France Again1918George L. CobbRobert LevensonJan., 2001 Issue
When The Lusitania Went Down 1915 Charles McCarron, Nat Vincent McCarron & Vincent April, '04 Issue
When The Moon Shines In Ireland 1917Bert PetersMarvin Lee March 2012, Issue
When The Robin Calls Its Mate 1912 Jacob Henry Ellis, Benjamin Richmond Charles E. Casey April,'04 Issue
When The Shepherd Leads The Sheep Back Home 1931 Harry Warren Edgar Leslie Oct, 98 Issue
When The Sun Goes Down In France1918Gilbert C. TennantTennantJan., 2001 Essay
When The Twilight Comes To Kiss The Rose "Good-Night"1912Henry W. PetrieRobert F. RodenAug. '01 Issue
When The Whip-poor-will Sings Marguerite 1906 J. Fred Helf C. M. Denison April,'04 Issue
When The Winds O'er The Sea Blow A Gale1902 H. W. Petrie Harlow Hyde May, '07 Issue
When They Played The Polka 1938 Fabian Andre Lou Holzer Jan. 99 Gallery
When Those Wedding Bells Rang Out For You And Me 1903 George Hamilton Bartley Costello June, 2004
When We Were In Sweetheart Land1921H.J. TandlerJ. May JacobsSept., 2002 Issue
When Yankee Doodle Learns to Parlez-Vous Francais 1917 Ed Nelson Will Hart Nov, 97 Issue
When You And I Were Young, Maggie1909J.A. ButterfieldButterfield March., 2012 Issue
When You Come Back 1917 George M. Cohan Cohan July, 2004
When You Look In The Heart Of A Rose1918Florence MethvenMarian GillespieAug. '01 Issue
When You Wore A Tulip and I Wore A Big Red Rose1914Percy WenrichJack MahoneySept., '01 Issue
When You're A Long, Long Way From Home 1914George W. MeyerSam M. LewisMay, '02 Issue
When You're Away1914 Victor HerbertHenry M. BlossomNovember, '04
Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday on Saturday Night 1916 George W. Meyer Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young December,'02 Issue
Where Do We Go From Here? 1918 Percy WenrichHoward JohnsonNov., 2000 Essay
Where The River Shannon Flows1906James I. Russell Russell Mar., 2002 Issue
Where The Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way1901Charles Avril C.H. Scoggins March, '03 Issue
Whiffle Tree, The (The Old Grey Mare)1914Frank PanellatraditionalFeb., 01 Issue
While the Convent Bells Were Ringing1901Max S. WittRobert F. RodenFeb., '11 Issue
Whirlwind, The1911 Johann C. Schmid piano solo May, '07 Issue
Whisperings of Love 1907 C. Kinkel none Dec, 97 Gallery
White Sails(Beneath A Yellow Moon) 1939 Nick Kenny, Charles Kenny, Harry Archer composers Dec. 98, Gallery
Who Are You With Tonight 1910Egbert Van Alstyne Harry Williams April, '05 Issue
World, The 1881 Thomas Baker Piano only November, '06
Why Shouldn't I Love You? 1915Bert L. Rule Ray Sherwood February, '05 Issue
Wild Rose, The1910 Victor HerbertGeorge V. HobartNovember, '04
Will My Dreams Come True1914Fred HeltmanA.H. EastmanApril, '02 Issue
Will The Roses Bloom In Heaven? 1911 Charles K. Harris Harris March, 2006
Will You Forgive If I Forget? 1909 Composer Lyricist May, 98 Gallery
William Jennings Bryan Of Nebraska 1900 William T. Wheelan Wheelan Nov.,'02 Issue
"William Tell," selection for violin & piano ca.1900Gioacchino Rossiniviolin & piano soloDecember, '01 Issue
Willie, We Have Missed You 19th Century Stephen Foster composer January, 98 Issue
Willow Song, The 1847 I. N. Metcalf J. Wesley Hanson Music of the 1840s, Mar., '09
Wilson - Thats All! 1912 George Walter Brown Ballard MacDonald Nov.,'02 Issue
Wink 1922 Grace T. Boyle Boyle June, 2011 Issue,
Winter1910Albert GumbleAlfred BryansFeb., '11 Issue
With You In The Land Of Love 1920Geoffrey O'HaraT.E.B. Henry May '01 Issue
Woodland Rose1918Bernard EygesRobert LevensonAug. '01 Issue
Woman Forever1916E.T. Paullpiano soloJuly, '01 Issue
Woman Thou Gavest Me, The1919 Al Piantadosi Piantadosi June, 2004
Won't You Come Back To Me 1922 George M. Cohan Cohan July, 2004
Wonderful World1910 Paul A. Rubens Rubens & Paul WimperisOct., '05 Issue
World Is Hungry For A Little Bit Of Love, The1915Carolyn Ayers TurnerTurnerSept., 2002 Issue
World Is Waiting For The Sunrise, The 1919 Ernest Seitz Eugene Lockhart May, 2005 Issue
Would You Care If We Were Parted? 1906 W. R. Williams Williams January, 2007 Issue,
AWreck of the Shenandoh, The 1915 Maggie Andrews Andrews July, '16 Feature
Wrap Me In A Bundle and Take Me Home With You 1914 Egbert Van Alstyne Gus Kahn October, '04
Write A Letter To My Mother 1864 P. B. Isaacs E. Bowers October, 2008 Feature
Wyoming (Go To Sleep My Baby) 1911 Gene Williams Williams Nov.,'03 Issue
Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location

For a general search of titles or subjects, Go to our Search Page

NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

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