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Our catalog is set up to provide you with a listing of those songs that we have already published, some information about them, and links to the page(s) on which they have appeared.

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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location
Taffy 1908Harry Von TilzerVincent BryanFebruary, '04 Issue
Take Back Your Gold 1897 Monroe H. Rosenfeld Louis W. Pritzkow November, 2010 Issue,
Take Me Back To the Garden of Love 1911 Nat Osborne E. Ray Goetz May, '06 Issue
Take Me Out To The Ball Game 1908Albert Von TilzerJack NorworthMarch,'04 Issue
Take Me Up With You Dearie1909Albert Von TilzerJunie McCreeFeb., 01 Issue
Take Up Thy Cross and Follow Me 1893 H. W. Petrie Miss C. Saunders November, 2010 Issue,
Take Your Time Miss Lucy 1842 George Loder A. Allen Music of the 1840s, Mar., '09
Taking A Trip Up The Hudson 1902 james Thornton Thornton January, 2007 Issue,
Tale The Church Bells Tolled, The 1907 Egbert Van Alstyne Harry Williams June, 2004
Tammany 1905 Gus Edwards Vincent Bryan March 07, Issue
Tanglefoot Rag1910F.H. Loseypiano solo June,'01 Issue
Tango Dreams (Tango Land Folio) 1914J. Rosamond JohnsonnoneJanuary, 98 Issue
Tango Land, collection, (see individual song listings)ca 1914VariousVariousJanuary, 98 Issue
Tango Toreador1914 Lew Pollackpiano soloMay, '04 Issue
Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay! 1891Henry J. SayersSayersJanuary, '02 Issue
Tatters 1906Charles Cohenpiano solo June, '99 Issue
Taxi1919Mel B. KauffmanHarry D. KerrFeb., 01 Essay
Teasing Moon 1912 Henry Marshall Stanley Murphy April,'01 Issue
Tee-Pee Blues, The1922Roy Bargy, Roger Lewis, Ernie ErdmancomposerSept., 99 Gallery
Tell Me Little Gypsy1920Irving BerlincomposerNov., 98 Issue
Tell Me That Beautiful Story 1902Albert Von TilzerArthur J. LambMarch,'04 Issue
Tell Me, Thou Life and Delight of My Soul 1900 Felix Mendelssohn Thomas HastingsApril,'03 Issue
Tennessee 1915 Jeff Godfrey Harold A. Robe December,'02 Issue
Thank God I Am An American1907Rollin C. Ward Ward July, '01 Issue
That Haunting Melody 1911 George M. Cohan Cohan July, 2004
That Monkey Tune 1911Irving BerlinBerlinOctober,'03 Issue
That Mysterious Rag1911Irving BerlinTed SnyderNov, 97 Gallery
Nov., 98 Issue
That Old Fashioned Mother Of Mine1915Caddigan & StorysameMay, 00 Issue
That Old Feeling1937Lew Brown, Sammy FaincomposersJan. 99 Issue
That Old Girl Of Mine1912 Egbert Van Alstyne Earle C. Jones October, '04
That Slippery Slide Trombone1912 Egbert Van AlstyneHarry WilliamsOctober, '04
That's The Kind Of A Baby For Me 1917 J.C. Egan Alfred Harriman Ziegfeld & His Follies, Jan, '04
That's What the Red, White and Blue Means1913 E. E. Bagley Robert Levenson July, 2006 Issue
Their Hearts Are Over Here 1918 George M. Cohan Cohan July, 2004
Thelma Waits For Me In Norway By The Sea1914Dick B. BruunBruun January, 2005 Issue,
There Are No Bank Robbers In The Sky1941Florence H. Lee, Sadie Downing Garrett, Ann CoopercomposersJan. 99 Issue
There Is Somebody Waitin' For Me1917 Sir Harry LauderLauderDecember, '04
There's A Rose In Old Erin1915Paul Biese, F. Henri KlickmannJ. Will CallahanMar., 99 Issue
There's A Girl In Old Missouri Who is Waiting To Be Shown1912 Alfred SolmanWill D. CobbAug., '03 Issue
There's A Girl In The Heart Of Maryland1913Harry CarrollBallard MacDonaldFeb., 99 Issue
There's A Little Spark Of Love Still Burning1914Fred FisherJoe McCarthySep., 2000 Issue
There's A Mother Old And Gray Who Needs Me Now1911Geo. H. DiamondcomposerMay, 00 Issue
There's A Tender Look In Your Eyes1920 Victor HerbertRichard BruceNovember, '04
There's Another Picture In My Mamma's Frame 1907Charles K. HarrisHarrisNovember, '01 Issue
There's No Flag Like The Red, White and Blue 1898Charles K. HarrisHarrisNovember, '01 Issue
There's Nobody Loves You Like Mother 1915Charles ColemanColemanOctober, '01 Issue
There's Only One Little Girl 1916 George M. Cohan Cohan July, 2004
There's Someone More Lonesome Than You 1916Harry Von TilzerLou KleinFebruary, '04 Issue
They'll Be Proud of Old Glory When Your Boy Comes Home To You 1917 Joseph J. Barry Barry July, 2006 Issue
They Always Pick On Me 1911Harry Von TilzerStanley MurphyFebruary, '04 Issue
They Didn't Believe Me 1914Jerome KernHerbert ReynoldsFebruary, '02 Issue
They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me 1917 Fred Fisher Joe McCarthy March 07, Issue
They Were All Out Of Step But Jim 1918 Irving BerlinBerlinFeb., '03 Issue
They're Coming Back1919Sam HabelowHabelowJan., 2001 Issue
THICO Two Step1912Facunda MarquezGene BuckAug., 2000 Issue
This Is The Life 1914 Irving Berlin Berlin Feb., 2007
Those Draftin' Blues1918Maceo PinkardcomposerSept., 99 Issue
Those Good Old Days Back Home1916Jimmie V. MonacoJoe McCarthyAug., 2002 Issue
Those Olden Golden Days of Long Ago 1917 Grace LeBoy Daisy Sullivan March 07, Issue
Those Songs My Mother Used to Sing1912H. Wakefield SmithcomposerMay, 00 Issue
Three Jolly Sailors1906 Paul LawsonLawson June, 2003 Issue
Three O'Clock In The Morning1922Julian RobledoDorothy TerrissSept., 2002 Issue
Three Wonderful Letters From Home1918James F. HanleyJoe Goodwin, Ballard MacDonaldDec., 2000 Issue
Through The Years1918Carrie Jacobs-BondBondJune, 00 Issue
Thunder and Lightning (Entry of The Gladiators)unknJulius FuciknoneApril 99 Gallery(music only)
Tickle The Ivories1913Wallie Herzerpiano solo June,'01 Issue
Tickled to Death 1899 Charles Hunter Piano solo November, 2007
Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again1925Larry ShayJoe GoodwinJuly 99, Issue
Till Reveille1941Stanley Cowan,
Bobby Worth
composersJune 98, Gallery
Till We Meet Again1918Richard A. WhitingRaymond B. EganNov., 2000 Issue
Time I've Lost In Wooing, The 1911John H. DunsmoreReg BollesMay '01 Issue
Tip and Tye 1840 "Member of the Fifth Ward Club" "The member" Nov.,'02 Issue
Tipperary Guards1915E.T. Paullpiano soloNov., 2000 Issue
'Tis Summer In Thine Eyes 1901 Carrie Jacobs-Bond Bond July,'05 Issue
Titus March ca.1825 A Lady Of Balitimore none, piano solo Sept.,'02 Issue
To Have, To Hold, To Love1913Ernest R. BallDaryl Mac BoyleJune, 2004
Tom-Big-Bee River (or The Gum Tree Canoe) 1874 Silas S. Steele Anthony F. Winneore September, 2011
Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral 1914 J.R. Shannon Harry Williams March, 2012 Issue
Toot, Toot, Tootsie (Goo' Bye) 1922 Gus Kahn, Ernie Erdman, Dan Russo Kahn, Erdman, RussoDecember,'02 Issue
Top O'The Mornin' 1907Harry Von TilzerAndrew B. SterlingFebruary, '04 Issue
Toy Land 1903Victor HerbertGlen Mac DonoughJanuary, '02 Issue
Toy Parade1932Pasquale MondronenoneSep, 98 Issue
Trail Of The Lonesome Pine1913Harry CarrollBallard MacDonaldMay, 00 Essay
Trinity Chimes 1911Harry J. Lincolnpiano soloJune, '02 Issue
Trink, trink Brüderlein trink1902Wilhelm LindemannLindemannJuly, 00 Essay
Trip to Niagara 1904 William J. Cornish Piano solo November, 2007
Tripoli 1920 Irving Weill Paul Cunningham, Al Dubin June,'04 Issue
Triumphant Banner, The1907 E. T. PaullPiano solo July, 2006 Issue
Trojan Polka 1856 Henry C. Ovington piano solo June, '09 Issue
True Love Is Not For A Day1902Reginald de KovenHarry B. SmithOct., 2000 Issue
Try It On Your Piano 1910 Irving BerlinBerlinFeb., '03 Issue
Tulip Time 1919 Dave Stamper Gene Buck Ziegfeld & His Follies, Jan, '04
Turkey In The Straw1944Boogie arrangement Lee Armentrout, Del CourtneynoneJan. 99 Issue
Turkey In The Straw, A Ragtime Fantasy 1905 Otto Bunnell Piano only April,'04 Issue
Turkestan 1919 WJack Stern Bobby Jones June,'04 Issue
Twentieth Century March1900J. MessinanoneDec, 97 Issue
Twilight Chimes 1917Harley E. Parkerpiano soloJune, '02 Issue
Twilight Time 1917Arnold & BrownArnold & BrownJune, '02 Issue
Twilight Voices1925Sigmund RombergHarry B. SmithMay 99 Gallery
Two Little Birds Are We1881 Charles A. WhiteGeorge Russell June, 2003 Issue
Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location

For a general search of titles or subjects, Go to our Search Page

NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

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