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Our catalog is set up to provide you with a listing of those songs that we have already published, some information about them, and links to the page(s) on which they have appeared.

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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
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Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location
St. Louis Blues, The 1914 W.C. Handy composer Sept., 99 Featured also April, 16 feature
St. Louis Cyclone, The 1896 George Evans Ren Shields July, '16 Feature
St. Paul Mine Disaster, The 1910 Raymond Williams Jennie Williams July, '16 Feature
Sack Waltz, Theca.1912 John A. Metcalfnone, piano solo June, 2003 Feature
Sadie 1901 Leo Le Bunn J.P. Harrington Ziegfeld & His Follies, Jan, '04
Sadie My Creole Lady 1902 Max Hoffmann composer Nov., 99 Featured
Sahara 1919 Jean Schwartz Alfred Bryan December, '05 Feature
Sailboat In The Moonlight, A 1925 Carmen Lombardo, John Jacob Loeb composers Oct, 98 Gallery
Sally Come Up 1857 E. W. Mackney, arr. Buckley T. Ramsey December, 2008
Salute To Atlanta1895 Victor Herbertpiano soloNovember, '04
Salvation Lassie Of Mine 1919 Chick Story, Jack Caddigan Caddigan & Story Jan., 2001 Essay
Salvation Rose 1919 Jack Mendelsohn Robert Levenson Jan., 2001 Essay
Sammy Sampson's Sennegambian Band 1903 Dave Reed, Jr. composer May 98, Featured(see also April 99 Gallery)
San Antonio 1907 Egbert Van Alstyne Harry Williams Nov.,'03 Featured
Sand Dunes 1918 Byron Gay Gay June,'04 Feature
Sandman, The 1912 Carrie Jacobs-Bond Mary White-Slater June, 00 Featured
Sands Of Thime Are Sinking, The ca. 1900 Charles Gounod Mrs. CousinApril,'03 Featured
Santa Fe 1910 Egbert Van Alstyne Harry Williams April, 00 Featured
Saucy Sailor Boy, The c.1815 anon. trad. shanty anon. Essay, Songs of the Sea
Save Your Kisses Till The Boys Come Home 1915 Tom Mellor, Harry Gifford, Fred Godfrey Mellor, Gifford & Godfrey Sept., 2003 Featured
Say A Prayer For The Boys "Out There" 1917 Alex Marr Bernie Grossman Dec., 2000 Feature
Say Au Revoir But Not Good Bye 1918 Harry kennedy, arr. E.T. Paull piano solo July, '01 Feature
Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart 1948 Sid Tepper, Roy Brodsky composers Feb, 98 Gallery
Second Hand Rose 1921 James F. Hanley Grant Clarke Ziegfeld & His Follies, Jan, '04
School Days 1907 Will D. Cobb Gus Edwards January, '02 Feature
Seasons, The 1846 Unknown, traditional Jesse Hutchinson December, 2008
She's A Grand Old Arkansas1911Martha Treadway Treadway March, '03 Feature
She's Everybody's Sweetheart 1924 Con Conrad Billy Rose Feb, 98 Gallery
Aug, 98 Gallery
She's Mine, All Mine 1890 Julia Marion Manley Manley November, '06
She's The Daughter Of Mother Machree 1915 Ernest R. Ball Jeff T. Nenarb Mar., 2002 Feature
She Is The Sunshine Of Virginia 1916 Harry Carroll Ballard MacDonald May, 2005 feature
She Was a Beauteous Flower 1858 John R. Thomas ThomasJune, '09 Issue
She Was Bred In Old Kentucky 1898 Stanley Carter Harry Braisted November, '06
Sheik of Araby, The 1921 Ted Snyder Harry B. Smith, Francis Wheeler June,'04 Feature
Shenandoah 19th cent. Traditional Unknown Rivers of Melody Feature
Shine On Arizona Moon1915Harold Freeman Harry Donovan March, '03 Feature
Shine On Harvest Moon 1918 Nora Bayes-Norworth Jack Norworth March, 00 Featured
Ship Of Uncle Sam, The 1918 Daisy M. Erd Erd Dec., 2000 Feature
Ship That Never Returned, The 1865 Henry C. Work Work March '01 Featured
Shores of Old California 1920 Ralph D. Tompkins Tompkins June, 2011 Issue,
Show Me the Way1909Anatol FriedlandHap HazardFeb., '11 Issue
Shufflin' Boogie 1944 Lee Armentrout, Del Courtney none Jan '99 Featured
Shy-Try 1906 Egbert Van Alstyne composer March, 98 Featured
Siam 1915 Fred Fischer Howard Johnson January, '03 Feature
Side By Side 1927 Harry Woods composer Jan. 99 Featured
Sidewalks Of New York 1894 Chas. B. Lawlor, James W. Blake Lawlor & Blake January, '02 Feature
Signal From Mars, A 1901 Raymond Taylor
arr. E.T. Paull
None June 98, Featured
Silver Bell 1910 Percy Wenrich Edward Madden April, 00 Featured
Silver Threads Among The Gold 1901 H.P. Danks Eben E. Rexford Aug., 2002 Feature
Silver Sleigh Bells 1906 E.T. Paull piano solo July, '01 Feature
Silver Star 1911 Chas. L. Johnson Wm. R. Clay April, 00 Featured
Since I First Knew You 1918 Frank H. Grey Eustace Hale Ball December, '05 Feature
Since I Joined Tammany Hall 1893 Lou Edmunds Edmunds Nov.,'02 Featured
Since Maggie Learned To Skate 1885 Charles Horwitz Horwitz Chas. K. Harris biography
Sing Me A Song Of A Lad That Is Gone 1908 E. MacLean Robert Louis Stevenson May '01 Featured
Sing Me "O Solo Mio" (Star Dance Folio No. 26) 1924 Kahn & Van Alstyne composers January, 98 Featured
Singapore 1918 L. Wolfe Gilbert, Anatol Friedland Gilbert & Friedland January, '03 Feature
Singing Bird1909 Ed. Edwards None, piano solo June, '06 Feature
Sipping Cider Thru A Straw 1919 Lee David Carey Morgan Oct., 99 Featured
Skater's waltz, The 1944 Emil Waldteufel Boogie arr. Del Courtney Jan. 99 Featured
Skylarking 1908 Harold Eastman piano solo July 99, Featured
Sleeping I Dreamed, Love 1844 John C. Hewitt Mary C. Hewitt Music of the 1840s, Mar., '09
Slivers 1909 Harry L. Cook piano solo June,'01 Featured
Slocum Disaster 1905 Cecil Mann Mann July, '16 Feature
Smart Set 1904 Theodore Morse various Aug. 99 Featured
Smile A Little Bit 1925 Bob Morton & Peggy Shelvin Moe Schenck Nov., 98 Gallery
Smile and Show Your Dimple 1917 Irving Berlin Berlin Irving Berlin Biography
Smile Songs 1911 Carrie Jacobs-Bond Bond February, 2006
Smiler, The 1908 Percy Wenrich none Sept., '01 Feature June 99 Featured
Smith's March 1848 J. T. (or T. J.) Martin piano solo December, 2008
So Long Mother1917 Egbert Van AlstyneRaymond Egan, Gus KahnOctober, '04
So Long Rhode Island 1917 Joe Cronson, Charles Ruddy Cronson & Ruddy Nov.,'03 Featured
So This is Love 1923 E. Ray Goetz Goetz December, '05 Feature
Soldier's Adieu, The ca. 1797 Charles Dibdin Dibdin April, '04 Featured
Sombrero1915 Neil MoretJames O'DeaMay, '04 Featured
Sombrero Land1911 E. Ray Goetz, Irving Berlin, Ted SnyderGoetz, Berlin & SnyderMay, '04 Featured
Some Little Bug Is Going To Find You 1915 Silvio Hein Benjamin Hapgood Burt, Roy Atwell Sep., 2000 Feature
Some Sunny Day 1922 Irving Berlin Berlin May, 2005 feature
Somebody Wants You 1909 Maude Nugent Nugent Sept., 2002 Feature
Somebody's Coming to My House1913Irving BerlinBerlinApril, 2011 Issue
Somebody's Lonely 1926 Benny Davis,
Joe Gold
composers June 98, Gallery
Somebody Stole My Gal 1922 Leo Wood Wood June, 2011 Issue,
Someone Else May Be There When I'm Gone 1918 Irving Berlin Berlin Feb., '03 Featured
Somewhere A Voice Is Calling 1911 Arthur F. Tate Eileen Newton Mar., 99 Gallery
Song Bird1909Harry L. AlfordArthur Gillespie June, '06 Feature
Song I Heard One Sunday Morn, The 1901 E. H. Ellison Robert H. Brennen January, 2007 Feature,
Song Of The Brown Thrush 1922 Anna Priscilla Risher Henry Van Dyke A.P. Risher Biography
Song Of The Klondike 1897George J. Becker Nellie V. Miller March, '03 Feature
Song That Will Last Forever, The 1895 Felix McGlennon Tom Browne November, 2010 Issue,
Song Without a Name, The 1930 Benee Russell composer June 98, Gallery
Oct. 98, Featured
Songs Of Yesterday1916 Charles K. Harris Harris Dec. 03 Featured
Southern Dream, A1905 Harry J. Lincoln Piano onlySept., '05 feature
Spaniard That Blighted My Life, The 1911 Billy Merson MersonDecember,'02 Featured
Sphinx, The 1927 Robert King, Harry Warren composers Jan. 99 Featured
Spirit of the U.S.A.1924 E. T. PaullPiano solo July, 2006 Feature
Spring Song ca.1902 Felix Mendelssohn piano solo December, '01 Feature
Star Dance Folio No. 26, collection (see individual song listings) 1925 Composer Lyricist January, 98 Featured
Star Fell Out Of Heaven, A 1936 Mack Gordon, Harry Revel composers Feb., 99 Gallery
Star of The East 1918 Amanda Kennedy George Cooper Sept., 2002 Feature
Star Of The Sea 1883 Amanda Kennedy none, piano solo March '01 Featured
Star Spangled Banner, The 1814 John Stafford Smith Francis Scott Key July, '01 Feature
Stars and Stripes Forever, The 1897 John Philip Sousa Piano solo July, 2006 Feature and January, 98 Featured
Stars and Stripes Lead On, The 1918 W. T. Welch Elizabeth Allen Leatzow July, 2006 Feature
State Street Blues, The 1919 Babe Thompson & Spencer Williams composers Sept., 99 Gallery
Stay Down Here Where You Belong 1914 Irving Berlin Berlin March, 2006
Stay In Your Own Backyard 1899 Lyn Udall Karl Kennett Aug. 99 Featured
Stein Song ca 1910 E.A. Fenstad arr. Rudy Vallee none May '03 Featured also September, 98 Featured
Sterling March & Two Step, The 1906 Charles D. MacDonald & Charles E. Hunter piano solo Aug., 2000 Essay
Storm King, The1902 E. T. Paullpiano soloMay, '07 Issue
Summertime 1908 Harry Von Tilzer Jack Mahoney July,'05 Feature
Sunbeam1909 Egbert Van AlstyneHarry WilliamsOctober, '04
Sunday 1927 Ned Miller, Chester Cohn, Jules Stein, Bennie Krueger arr. Art Tatum Jan. 99 Featured
Sunlight On The Waterfall 1907 Chris Smith (Piano Solo) May, 2005 feature
Sunrise Serenade 1938 Frankie Carle Jack Lawrence Oct, 98 Gallery
Sunset Glow (Waltzes) 1916 F. W. Vandersloot (Piano Solo) May, 2005 feature
Sunshine 1918 George L. Cobb Cobb May, 2005 feature
Sunshine and Roses 1913 Egbert Van Alstyne Gus Kahn Aug. '01 Feature
Sunshine of Paradise Alley, The 1895 John W. Bratton Bratton May, 2005 feature
Sunshine Shower, A 1905 Bayley Jordan composer May 99 Featured
Swanee 1919 George Gershwin Irving CaesarDecember,'02 Featured
Swanee River Trail 1914 Louis Hirsch William Jerome Nov, 97 Gallery, also Aug. 99 gallery
Sweet Eileen Asthore 1907 James I. Russell composer Mar, 99 Featured
Sweet Emalina, My Gal1917Henry Creamer, Turner LaytonCreamer & Layton January, 2005 Feature,
Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight (Tell Her Of My Love) 1918 F. Henri Klickmann Harold G. Frost April,'01 Featured
Sweet Ida Mine 1941 James Grant Alcorn, Henry J. Sommers, Pearl Lindal composers Jan. 99 Featured
Sweet Kentucky Lady 1927 Al Jolson & Irving Caesar composers Nov., 97 Feature
Sweet Little Buttercup 1917 Herman Paley Alfred Bryan Nov, 97 Feature
Sweet Varsity Sue 1937 Charles Tobias Murray Mencher July 98, Featured
Sweet Miss Mary 1914 W.H. Neidlinger Neidlinger August, 2004
Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location

For a general search of titles or subjects, Go to our Search Page

NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

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