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Our catalog is set up to provide you with a listing of those songs that we have already published, some information about them, and links to the page(s) on which they have appeared.

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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location
Ma 1921 Con Conrad Sidney Clare Nov., 99 Feature
Ma Daffodil 1900 Paul J. Knox & Harry S. Marion composers March, 00 Featured
MacNamara's Band 1917 Shamus O'Connor John J. Stamford Mar., 2002 Feature
Macushla 1910 Dermot MacMurrough Josephine V. Rowe Dec. 03 Featured
Madeline (Wait Until You See My) 1921 Albert Von Tilzer Lew Brown March,'04 Feature
Maiden's Prayer, The 1908 Thecla Badarzewska none, piano solo April,'03 Featured
Make Believe Island 1940 Will Grosz Nick Kenny, Charles Kenny Dec, 98 Gallery
Mammy's Little Pansy 1927 Bert Grant George Graff, Jr. Sep, 98 Gallery, also Aug. 99 gallery
Man In The Moon Might Tell, The 1899 J. A. Shipp Shipp November, '06
Mansion Of Aching Hearts, The 1902 Harry Von Tilzer Arthur J. Lamb October, '01 Feature
March Victorious 1919 Elizabeth G. Black
arr. E.T. Paull
None June 98, Featured
Marching Through Georgia 1918 Rudolf Thaler None Feb, 00 Essay
Marching To The Music Of The Band 1901 Harry Von Tilzer piano solo February, '04 Feature
Margie 1920 Con Conrad, J. Russel Robinson Benny Davis January, 2005 Feature,
Margot 1890 G. De Kerveguen Gustave Naudaud Sep., 2000 Feature
Marie From Sunny Italy 1907 M.Nicholson Irving Berlin Feb., '03 Featured
Marie Odile 1915 Louis A. Hirsch Channing Pollack, Rennold Wolf Ziegfeld & His Follies, Jan, '04
Marine's Hymn. The 1919 arr. A. Tregina Trad. Jan., 2001 Essay
Marigny 1914 M. Sarablo, H. Candiolo none Jan. 99 Gallery
Marion Day 1841 Marion Dix Sullivan Sullivan Sept.,'02 Featured
Mary's The Girl For Me 1895 Dave Marion Marion January, 2005 Feature,
Maryland, My Maryland! 1862 From an Old German Carol, O'Tannenbaum Finley Johnson May,'03 Featured
Massa's In The Cold, Cold Ground (From Parlor Songs folio) 19th Century Stephen Foster composer January, 98 Featured
May I Print A Kiss 1902 Carrie Jacobs-Bond Anonymous Sept., 2003 Featured
May Irwin's "Bully Song" 1896 Charles E. Trevathan Trevathan Essay on "Coon Songs"
May Queen, The 1848 I. B. Woodbury Tennyson Music of the 1840s, Mar., '09
Maybe 1924 Roy Turk, Ted Snyder & Fred Ahlert composers Nov., 98 Gallery
Maybe That Is Why I'm Lonely 1911 George W. Meyer Joe Goodwin Nov., '97 Feature
Maying With You 1915 D. Spooner Elizabeth Gordon May '01 Featured
Me And The Man In The Moon 1928 Jimmie Monaco & Edgar Leslie composers August, 98 Gallery
Meet Me Tonight Mid The Roses 1911 Roy Barton Roger Lewis Nov, 97 Feature
Melancholy (My Melancholy Baby) 1912 Ernie Burnett Geo. A. Norton February, '02 Feature
Mellow Moon 1922 Wendell W. Hall Hall April,'01 Featured
Melody of Love 1903 H. Engelmann none Feb., 99 Featured
Memories 1915 Egbert Van Alstyne Gustave Kahn February, '02 Feature
Memories of Stephen Foster, collection, (see individual song listings) 1936 Stephen Foster composer January, 98 Featured
Memphis Blues, The 1912 W.C. Handy George A. Norton Sept, 99 Featuredalso April, 16 feature
Menuet ca.1902 Ignace Paderewski piano solo December, '01 Feature
Merry Wedding Bells 1912 Jean Schwartz Edward Madden June, '02 Feature
Mexico 1944 Charles Wolcott Ray Gilbert Jan. 99 Featured
Mi Amigo (Tango Land Folio) 1911 Valverde-Herpin none January, 98 Featured
Mickey 1918 Neil Moret Harry Williams January, 2005 Feature,
Midnight Fire Alarm, The 1908 Harry J. Lincoln, arr. E.T. Paull piano solo July, '01 Feature
Midnight Flyer, The 1903 Frederick W. Hager arr. E.T. Paull Feb., 01 Featured
Midnight Moon 1920 Al Bernard T. Ernest Hare, Robert Schafer April,'01 Featured
Military Polka 1861 W. Künner, arr. Claudio Grafulla Piano solo August, '10 Issue
Miner's Home Sweet Home1901Charles E. BaerGeorge W. ThorntonFeb., '11 Issue
Mister Dooley 1902 Jean Schwartz William Jerome Oct., '05 feature
Mocking Bird Rag 1912 Charles T. Straight J. Brandon Walsh June, 99 Featured
Monkey Doodle Dandy 1909 Henry Frantzen Jack Drislane Oct., 99 Featured Also Oct., '03
Monkey Doodle Doo, The 1913 Irving Berlin Berlin October,'03 Feature
Monkey Jubilee, The 1915 James White White October,'03 Feature
Montana Anna 1909 Luella Lockwood Moore Moore Aug., '03 Featured
Moonlight 1921 Con Conrad Conrad April,'01 Featured
Moonlight Bay 1912 Percy Wenrich Edward Madden April,'01 Featured
Moonlight In Jungle Land 1910 Dempsey & Schmid Dempsey & Schmid October,'03 Feature
Moonlight On The Mississippi 1913 Grace LeBoy Gus Kahn April,'01 Featured
Moonlight and Starlight 1864 James G. Clark Clark August, '10 Issue
Morning Cy! (Barn Dance)1908Bert PetersHarold AtteridgeFeb., '11 Issue
Morning Star Three Step 1900 F. H. Losey piano solo Sep., 2000 Feature
M-O-T-H-E-R 1915 Theodore Morse Howard Johnson May, 00 Featured
Mother Machree 1910 Ernest R. Ball, Chauncey Olcott Rida Johnson Young March, 2012 feature
Mother's Rosary of Love 1919 Leo Wood & Eddie Dorr Lyricist March, 98 Featured
Mother's Souvenirs 1941 Dee Smith, Grace Balow, Lester Hole composers Jan. 99 Featured
Motor King, The 1910 Henry Frantzen Jack Drislane Feb., 01 Essay
Murmuring Zephyrs1909 Adolf Jensenpiano soloMay, '07 Issue
My Angel Boy 1865 Stephen C. Foster H. Brougham August, '10 Issue
My Baby's Kiss 1896 L. Peasley M.F. Rourke July, '03 Feature
My Beautiful Lady 1911 Ivan Caryll C. M. S. McLellan December, '05 Feature
My Buddy 1922 Walter Donaldson Gus Kahn June, 2011 Issue,
My Country 'Tis Of Thee (God Save The King) 1740 Trad. French melody Henry Carey September, 2004
My Emmy Lou 1912 Chas. La Tourette La Tourette Feb., 2007
My Fair Lady 1919 George L. Spaulding Old English Rhyme June, 2003 Feature
My Hawaiian Sunshine 1916 L. Wolfe Gilbert, Carey Morgan Gilbert & Morgan May, 2005 feature
My Hula-Hula Love Song 1911 Percy Wenrich Edward Madden Dec., 99 Featured
My Irish Girl 1911 H. Blanke-Belcher Alfred Bryan Mar., 2002 Feature
My Irish Maid 1904 Max Hoffmann George V. Hobart Mar. 99 Featured
My Hero 1909 Oscar Straus Stanislaus Stange Oct., '05 feature
My Hill Billy Lily 1941 Del Mack, Ethyl Isabel DePlanque, Lillian Millick composers Jan. 99 Featured
My Isle Of Golden Dreams 1919 Walter Blaufuss Gus Kahn April, '02 Feature
My Keepsake Is A Heartache 1915 Clarence M. Jones Arthur J. Lamb June, 2004
My Lady Laughter Waltz 1905 Charlotte Blake Charles J. Campbell Sept., '05 feature
My Little Bimbo 1920 Walter Donaldson Grant Clarke Oct., 99 Featured
My Little Dream Girl 1915 Anatol Friedland L. Wolfe Gilbert April, '02 Feature
My Little Girl 1915 Albert Von Tilzer Sam M. Lewis, Will Dillon March,'04 Feature
My Little Gypsy Wanda 1918 Robert Levenson, Ted Garton Levinson & Garton January, 2005 Feature,
My Little Rose Of Romany 1919 Robert Levenson, Jack Mendelsohn :Levenson & Mendelsohn Aug. '01 Feature
My Mammy 1920 Walter Donaldson Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young December,'02 Featured
My Mexicana Queen 1906 Herbert Waterbury Waterbury May, '04 Featured
My Mother's Lullaby 1917 Harold Brown Freeman Charles Louis Ruddy May, 00 Featured
My Old Kentucky Home Good Night! 1853 Stephen C. Foster Foster May,'03 Featured
My Old New Hampshire Home 1898 Harry Von Tilzer Andrew B. Sterling Aug., '03 Featured
My Own Iona 1916 Anatol Ferdinand & Carey Morgan L. Wolfe Morgan Dec., 99 Featured
My Own Sweetheart1910George Edward SmithG. A. ScofieldFeb., '11 Issue
My Pony Boy 1909 Charley O'Donnell Bobby Heath Apr. 2000 Featured
My Rose of Argentine 1915 Norma Gray Gray May, '04 Featured
My Rose of Waikiki 1917 Earl Burtnett & Jos. A. Burke J.E. Dempsey Dec, 97 Feature
My Soldier Boy 1917 Lester Brockton Brockton July, '01 Feature
My Sunny Tennessee 1921 Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby and Herman Ruby composers April, 98 Featured
My Sweetie 1917 Irving Berlin Berlin Feb., '03 Featured
My Sweetie Went Away 1922 Lou Handman Roy Turk April, '05 Feature
My Trust In You 1919 Albert H. Houghton Frederick M. Dean Aug., 2000 Feature
My Western Rose 1910 Harry J. Lincoln F.W. Vandersloot Apr., 2000 Featured
My Wild Irish Rose 1898 Chauncy Olcott composer March, 2002 Featured
Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location

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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

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