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Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location
Jack O'Lantern, The Will-O-Wisp Song1901Mae Anwerda SloaneHarry B. SmithOct., 2000 Issue
Ja-Da 1918Bob CarletonCarletonFebruary, '02 Issue
Jazz Baby 1919 M. K. Jerome Blanche Merrill M. K. Jerome Biography
Japanese Sandman, The 1920Richard A. WhitingRaymond B. EganJanuary, '03 Issue
Jean1919 Shelton Brooks Brooks January, 2005 Issue,
Jefferson Davis, The (Star Dance Folio No. 26) 1924ComposerLyricistJanuary, 98 Issue
Jemmy Of The Glen ca. 1800 Mary Ann Pownall Pownall Sept.,'02 Issue
Jersey Walk, The1927Henry Creamer, Eddie Dowling, James HanleycomposersJan. 99 Issue
Jesusita En Chihuahua1944Edward H. PlumbcomposerJan. 99 Issue
Jezebel1938Harry WarrenJohnny MercerJuly 98, Issue
Jim Crow 1828 Thomas Dartmouth Rice Rice Essay on "Coon Songs"
Jimmy Valentine (Look Out For) 1911 Gus Edwards Edward Madden Feb., 2007
Jinga Bula Jing Jing 1920 M. K. Jerome Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young M. K. Jerome Biography
Joe Turner Blues 1915 W. C. Handy Handy April, 16 feature
Jogo Blues, The 1913 W. C. Handy Piano Solo April, 16 feature
Jolly Blacksmiths, The 1905 Edward Braham, arr. E. T. Paull Piano solo November, 2007
Jordan is a Hard Road to Trabel 1853 attributed to Daniel Decatur Emmett Emmett September, 2011
Jungle Moon1909Percy WenrichC.P. McDonaldSept., '01 Issue
Julius Quadrilles, The 1852 Various, arr. Scherpf piano solo June, '09 Issue
Just A Baby's Prayer At Twilight1918 M.K. Jerome Sam M. Lewis, Joe YoungDec., 2000 Essay
Just A Dream Of You, Dear1910F. Henri KlickmannCharles F. NcNamaraApril, '02 Issue
Just A Gentle Touch 1901Isidore WhitmarkFrederic RankinDecember, '05 Issue
Just A Girl Like You1919Harold B. FreemanCharles L. ReddyNov, 99 Issue
Just A Gleam Of Heaven In Her Eyes 1904 Charles K. Harris Harris March, 2006
Just A Wearyin' For You1913Carrie Jacobs-BondBondJune, 00 Issue
Just A Word Of Sympathy1916 Egbert Van AlstyneGus KahnOctober, '04
Just After The Battle 1864 George F. Root Root October, 2008 Feature
Just as the Sun Went Down ca. 1897 Lyn Udall Udall November, 2010 Issue,
Just Before The Battle, Mother 1862 George F. Root Root October, 2008 Feature
Just An Old Sweetheart Of Mine1912J.S. ZemecnikJ.R. ShannonFeb, 99 Issue
Just 'Round The Corner From Broadway1914 Gus Edwards Blanche MerrillOct., '05 Issue
Just Kiss Yourself Good-Bye 1902Jean Schwartz William Jerome April, '05 Issue
Just Like The Rose1919Ethel BridgesHarry Cool, Dorothy TerrissSept., 2002 Issue
Just Like Washington Crossed The Delaware, General Pershing Will Cross The Rhine1918George W. MeyerHoward JohnsonDec., 2000 Issue
Just Some One 1907 Will R. Anderson Anderson January, 2007 Issue,
Just To Meet Her By The Silvery Delaware 1911 H. H. Johnson Fred W. McCann Nov.,'03 Issue
Titles, K
Song TitleYear ComposerLyricist Location
K-K-K-Katy1918Geoffrey O'HaracomposerNov, 2000 Essay, also Nov 99 Issue
Kashmiri Song (Pale Hands I Have Loved) 1903 Amy Woodforde-Finden Laurence Hope June,'04 Issue
Kentucky1943Henry PritchardcomposersApril, 98 Gallery
Kentucky Babe 1896 Adam Geibel Richard Henry Buck November, 2010 Issue,
Kentucky Blues 1921 Clarence Gaskill Gaskill April 07, Issue
Kentucky Days1912Percy WenrichJack MahoneyJan, 98 Gallery
Killarney (From Parlor Songs folio)19th CenturyM.W. BalfecomposerJanuary, 98 Issue
Keep the Love Lamp Burning 1919 Hugo Riesenfeld Harry B. Smith November, '05 Issue
Keep Your Eye On The Girlie You Love 1916Ira Schuster Howard Johnson, Alex Gerber February, '05 Issue
King David's Harp 1900 Louis Weber none, piano soloApril,'03 Issue
King Of The Air1910Julius K. Johnsonpiano soloFeb., 01 Issue
Kitten On The Keys1921Zez ConfreynoneAugust, 98 Issue
Kiss And Let's Make Up 1891 Charles K. Harris Harris Sept., 2003 Issue
Kiss In The Dark, A 1922Victor HerbertB.G. DeSylva Sept., 2003 Issue Feb, 99 Gallery
Kiss Me Again 1915 Victor Herbert Henry Blossom Sept., 2003 Issue
Kiss Me Good-Bye Sweetheart 1904 Henry W. Armstrong Armstrong Sept., 2003 Issue
Kiss Me Good Night (Out The Window You Must Go) 1913 Joe Goodwin Lew Brown Feb., 2007
Kiss Me, Honey Do 1898 John Stromberg Edgar Smith Sept., 2003 Issue
Kiss Me (My Honey Kiss Me) 1910 Ted Snyder Irving Berlin Sept., 2003 Issue
Kiss That Made Me Cry, The1918Archie GottlerJoe Burns, Arthur Fields Sept., 2003 Issue Nov., 2000 Issue
Kisses 1918 Lynn Cowan Alex Sullivan Sept., 2003 Issue
Knitting 1917Anna Priscilla RisherFrank L. ArmstrongA.P. Risher Biography
Knock Wood1911Harry Von TilzerAndrew B. SterlingMarch, 00 Issue
Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location