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Our catalog is set up to provide you with a listing of those songs that we have already published, some information about them, and links to the page(s) on which they have appeared.

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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
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Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location
I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby ca. 1900 Frederic Clay Clay June,'05 Feature
I Ain't Got Weary Yet1918Percy WenrichHoward JohnsonDec., 2000 Feature
I Can Never Forget Thee 1852 Caroline Rivé RivéJune, '09 Issue
I Can't Do The Sum1903 Victor HerbertGlen MacDonoughNovember, '04
I Cried For You1923Arthur Freed, Gus Arnheim, Abe LymancomposersJan. 99 Featured
I'd Like To See The Kaiser With A Lily In His Hand 1918 Henry Lewis, Howard Johnson, Billy Frisch Lewis, Johnson & Frisch April, '04 Featured
I'd Love To Live In Loveland With A Girl Like You 1910 W. R. Williams Williams November, 2007
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen 1875 Thomas P. Westendorf Westendorf March, 2012 Issue
I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier 1915 Al Piantadosi Alfred Bryan April, '04 Featured
I Don't Mind Being All Alone1926Clarence Gaskill, Jimmy McHugh, Irving MillscomposersOct, 97 Edition
August, 98 Gallery
I Don't Know Where I'm Going But I'm On My Way1917George FairmanComposerFebruary 00, Featured
I Don't Need The Moonlight To Make Love To You 1911Charlotte BlakeFrancis ConlanSept., 2002 Feature
I Don't Want To Get Well1917Harry JentesHarry Pease, Howard JohnsonJan., 2001 Feature
I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard. 1894H.W. PetriePhilip WingateJuly, '03 Feature
I Dream Of Peaceful Valley1941Nyrah Hazel Marchant, Sarah Grace, Dolores E. DickensnoneJan. 99 Featured
I Dunno! 1917 John Barnes Wells Wells April,'04 Featured
I Heard The Holy City 1913 Ernie Erdman Roger LewisApril,'03 Featured
I Idolize My Baby's Eyes1931M.K. JeromeJoan JasmynFeb, 98 Gallery
I Just Can't Make My Eyes Behave 1906 Will D. Cobb, Gus Edwards Cobb & Edwards Ziegfeld & His Follies, Jan, '04
I Know Where A Garden Grows 1920 John H. Densmore George Elmoor May, '06 Featured
I Like You 1903William F. Peters Charles J. Campbell, Ralph M. Skinner January, '03 Feature
I Long to See the Girl I Left Behind 1893 John T. Kelly Kelly November, 2010 Issue,
I Love Her And She Loves Me 1918Jack Glogau Harry Rose February, '05 Feature
I Love The Old Flag1905 W. H. De Lapp De Lapp July, 2006 Feature
I Love To Stay At Home 1915Irving BerlinBerlinMay, '02 Feature
I Love To Hear A Good Old Irish Song1919Walter Scanlon George A. Kershaw Mar., 2002 Feature
I Love You Best Of All1922Tell TaylorComposerFeb, 98 Gallery
I Love You Dearly (For I Love No One But You) 1902Jack Barnes Barnes February, '05 Feature
I Love You In The Same Old Way 1896John W. Bratton Walter H. Ford February, '05 Feature
I Love You, Ma Cheriè 1906Paul Rubens Rubens February, '05 Feature
I Love You Truly1901Carrie Jacobs-BondBondCarrie Jacobs Bond Biography
I'm Crying Just For You 1913James V. Monaco Joe McCarthy April, '05 Feature
I May Be Gone For A Long Long Time 1917Albert Von TilzerLew BrownMarch,'04 Feature
I Met Her On Monday1942Allie WrubelCharles NewmanFeb., 99 Gallery
I Might Be Your're Once-In-A-While 1919 Victor HerbertRobert B. SmithNovember, '04
I Miss That Mississippi Miss That Misses Me 1918 Pete Wendling Sam M. Lewis, Joe YoungMay,'03 Featured
I Never Knew I Had A Wonderful Wife (Until The Town Went Dry) 1919Albert Von TilzerLew BrownMarch,'04 Feature
I Remember You 1908Harry Von TilzerVincent BryanFebruary, '04 Feature
IDA-HO1906Harry Von Tilzer Andrew B. Sterling March, '03 Feature
If All Moons Were Honeymoons1909 Jos. E. Howard Will M. Hough, Frank R. AdamsOct., '05 feature
If I Were Mister Morgan 1903George M. CohanCohanDecember, '05 Feature
If You Saw What I Saw You'd Go To Utah 1917 Howard Patrick Patrick Nov.,'03 Featured
In China 1919Otto MotzanA.J. StasnyJanuary, '03 Feature
In Dear Old Illinois 1902 Paul Dresser DresserMay,'03 Featured
In Flanders Fields1916Henry E. SachsJohn McCreaJan., 2001 Feature
In My Harem 1913 Irving Berlin Berlin June,'05 Feature
In The Boughs Of The Banyan Tree 1915Walter ThompsonC.P. Mc DonaldOctober,'03 Feature
In the City of Broken Hearts1916Edgar AllenAllenApril, 2011 Issue
In The Garden 1917 C. Austin Miles MilesApril,'03 Featured
In The Garden Of My Heart 1908 Ernest R. Ball Caro Roma May, '06 Featured
In Oklahoma1908 Stanley S. ShermanShermanAug., '03 Featured
In The Gold Fields Of Nevada1915 Archie GottlerEdgar LeslieAug., '03 Featured
In The Heart Of A Rose1912Geo. De CarmeJ.W. WalshAug. '01 Feature
In The Land Of Far Cathay 1903J. Arndt MorrisMary WoodJanuary, '03 Feature
In The Land Of Love With The Song Birds 1915F. Wallace Rega Rega February, '05 Feature
I Saw It In The B.R.T.1906Justin ClariceClariceAug., 2000 Feature
I Should Care1932Sammy Kahn,
Axel Stordahl,
Paul Weston
composersJuly 98, Gallery
I Think I'll Get Wed In The Summer1919 Sir Harry LauderLauderDecember, '04
I'll Be Your Baby Vampire If You'll be the Fool That Was1919Grace DorocomposerNov, 99 Featured
I'll See You In Cuba1920 Irving BerlinBerlinMay, '04 Featured
I'm Afraid To Come Home In The Dark 1907Egbert Van AlstyneHarry WilliamsMay, '02 Feature
I'm Always Watching Clouds Roll By1910 Al. PiantadosiPiantadosiMay, '07 Issue
I'm From Missouri (And You Gotter Show Me)1902Fred W. VanderpoolcomposerMarch, 00 Featured
I'm Goin' Back To Old Nebraska1914 Bert L. RuleRay SherwoodAug., '03 Featured
I'm In Love With One Of The Stars 1909 George M. Cohan Cohan July, 2004
I'm Like A Ship Without A Sail1919James Kendis, James BrockmanKendis & BrockmanMarch '01 Featured
I'm On My Way To Dublin Bay1913Stanley MurphyMurphyMar., 2002 Feature
I'm Sorry I Made You Cry 1918N.J. ClesiClesiOctober, '01 Feature
In A Summer Garden 1914 Harry J. Lincoln Piano solo July,'05 Feature
I'm The Captain Of The Broomstick Cavalry 1890Carrie Jacobs-BondBondJuly, '03 Feature
In Dear Hawaii1918Carrie Jacobs-Bond Bond March, '03 Feature
In Huskin' Time1910Albert GumbleBartley CostelloAug., 2002 Feature
In The Harbor of Home Sweet Home 1910A.J. HolmesC.M. DenisonMay, '02 Feature
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree 1905 Egbert Van Alstyne Harry H. Williams January, 2009
In the Shadow of the Desert Palm1918Will E. DulmageE. J. MyersApril, 2011 Issue
Iola1906 Charles L. Johnson James O'Dea June, '06 Feature
Irish American, The 1905 George M. Cohan None, piano solo July, 2004
It's A Fine Thing To Sing1921 Sir Harry LauderWillie CochraneDecember, '04
I've Been Floating Down The Old Green River1915Joe CooperBert KalmerOct., 99 Featured
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad/Dinah ca 1894 Unknown Unknown September, 2004
I've Done My Work 1920 Carrie Jacobs-Bond George W. CaldwellApril,'03 Featured
I've Got The Prohibition Blues1919Carl ZersecomposerSept, 99 Featured
I've Said My Last Farewell 1906Fred Fischer Ed. Rose April, '05 Feature
I Wanna Sing About You1931Cliff Friend, Dave DreyercomposersFeb, 98 Gallery
I Want A Girl (Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad) 1911 Harry Von Tilzer William Dillon January, 2009
I Want To Go Back To Dixie Land1913Geo. BotsfordJean C. HavezApril, 98 Featured
I Want To Go Back To Michigan1914Irving BerlinComposerMay '03, Feature also Nov., 98 Featured
I Want To Walk Again Blues1924Wells & EdwardscomposersSept., 99 Gallery
I Wonder If You Love Me In The Same Old Way 1906Henry Schmidt P. V. Barber February, '05 Feature
I Wonder Why I Love You So 1908May Greene W. A. Lang February, '05 Feature
Ich küsse Ihre Hand Madame1912Ralph ErwinFritz RotterJuly, 00 Featured
If I Had A Girl Like You1925Billy Rose, Mort Dixon, Ray HendersoncomposersOct, 97 Edition
If I Knock The "L" Out Of Kelly (It Would Still Be Kelly To Me)1916Bert GrantSam M. Lewis, Joe YoungMar., 2002 Feature
If I Only Had A Home Sweet Home 1906A.L. McDermottJ. JohnsMay, '02 Feature
If Only I'd Listened To You1930Coleman Goetz, Pete WendlingcomposersOct, 98 Gallery
If Time Was Money, I'd Be A Millionaire1902Ted. S. BarronFelix F. FeistJuly 98, Featured
If You But Knew1920Anna Priscilla RisherMary GleadallJan. 99 Gallery
If You Had All The World and It's Gold1916Al. PiantadosiBartley Costello & Harry EdelheitMay, 00 Featured
If You Please1943Jimmy Van HeusenJohhny BurkeApril, 98 Gallery
Il Bacio1944Luigi Arditi arr Del CourtneynoneJan. 99 Featured
I'll Be Happy When The Preacher Makes You Mine1919 Walter Donaldson Sam M. Lewis June, 2004
I'll Build A Bungalow For You1913Arnold & BrowncomposersNov, 97 Feature
I'll Buy That Dream1945Allie WrubelHerb MagidsonDec, 98 Gallery
I'll Never Be The Same1932Gus Kahn, Matt Malneck, Frank Signorelliarr Art TatumJan. 99 Featured
I'll See You In Cuba1920 Irving BerlinBerlinMay, '04 Featured
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows 1918Harry Carroll Joseph McCarthy February, '02 Feature
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles1919John William KelleretteJaan KenbrovinOct, 99 Featured
I'm Lonely Without You1926Harry WarrenBud GreenAugust, 98 Gallery
I'm Thru With Love1931Matt Malneck, Fud LivingstonGus KahnJan. 99 Featured
In A Monastery Garden 1921 Albert W. Ketelby Ketelby November, 2007
In A Persian Market1920Albert KetelbynoneMarch, 98 Gallery
In Childhood's Garden1910Alfred OelschlegelnoneSep, 98 Gallery
In Love's Sweet Dreamland 1910 Cedric H. Garton Will R. Garton January, 2007 Feature,
In Monkey Land 1907Theodore MorseJack DrislaneOctober,'03 Feature
In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus1920Wiga-GabrielKlaus S. RichterJuly, 00 Featured
In My Merry Oldmobile1905Gus EdwardsVincent BryanFeb., 01 Featured
In Old Ireland Where The River Kenmare Flows1911Percy WenrichFrank W. SternsSept., '01 Feature
In The Gloaming1908Annie Fortescue HarrisonMeta OrredMar, 98 Featured
In The Golden Summer Time 1915 Jack Caddigan & James A. Brennan Caddigan & Brennan July,'05 Feature
In The Good Old Summer Time 1902 George Evans Ren Shields July,'05 Feature
In The Meadow1925Carrie Jacobs-BondBondCarrie Jacobs-Bond Biography
In The Summer Time ca. 1911 Albert Gumble Harry Williams July,'05 Feature
Inaugural March 1892 H.F. Eberhardt Eberhardt Nov.,'02 Featured
Indiana 1917 James F. Hanley Ballard MacDonaldMay,'03 Featured
Indian Summer1939Victor HerbertAl DubinMarch, 98 Gallery
Sep, 98 Featured
Indianola 1918 S. R. Henry, D. Onivas Frank H. Warren November, 2007
Innocence March, The1877J. Harmistounpiano soloJan, 00 Featured
Intermezzo, Souvenir De Vienne1939Heinz ProvostnoneJuly 98, Featured
Invitation To The Dance 1899Carl Maria Von Weberpiano soloDecember, '01 Feature
Ireland Must Be Heaven For My Mother Came From There 1916Joe McCarthy, Howard Johnson, Fred FischerMcCarthy, Johnson, FischerFebruary, '02 Feature
Iroquois on Fire, The 1904 Zella Evans Evans July, '16 Feature
Is It Wrong To Kiss? 1882 J.W. Bischoff Bischoff Sept., 2003 Featured
Is Yo'? Yo Is. 1905Carrie Jacobs-BondMarjorie BentonJuly, '03 Feature
Isle D'Amour 1913 Leo Edwards Earl Carroll Ziegfeld & His Follies, Jan, '04
Isle Of Capri1934Will GroszJimmy KennedyOct. 98 Gallery
It Had To Be You1924Kahn & JonesComposersJan. 99 Gallery
It's Just Because I Love You So 1900 Jessie Bartlet Davis Davis January, 2007 Feature,
It Looks Like A Big Night Tonight 1908 Egbert Van Alstyne Harry Williams January, 2007 Feature,
It Takes A Long Tall Brown-Skin Gal1917Will E. SkidmoreMarshall WalkerFebruary 00, Featured
I've Got A Locket In My Pocket1945Art KasselMack DavidMar. 99 Gallery
I've Got Rings On My Fingers 1909 Maurice Scott Weston & Barnes November, 2007
Ivy (Cling To Me) 1922 Isham Jones, Jimmy Johnson Alex Rogers January, 2005 Feature,
Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location

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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

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