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Our catalog is set up to provide you with a listing of those songs that we have already published, some information about them, and links to the page(s) on which they have appeared.

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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location
Daisy1914 Fred Heltman piano solo ragMay, 98 Gallery
Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two) 1892 Harry DacreDacreSeptember, '04
Dance Of The Demon1888Eduard Holstnone Dec, 97 Issue
Daddy Found You Down Beside The Garden Wall 1917Raymond Egan, Jesse Greer, Abe OlmanEgan, Greer & OlmanJuly, '03 Issue
Daddy Mine (He's Got Those Big Blue Eyes Like You) 1918 Lew Wilson, Al. Dubin Wilson & DubinJuly, '03 Issue
Danger! In Your Eyes1925Chas. K. Harriscomposer Oct, 97 Issue (Also Oct., 99 Gallery)
Dangerous Blues 1921Billy BrownAnna Welker BrownApril 07, Issue
Danny Boy 1899 Fred E. WeatherlyWeatherlyMar., 2002 Issue
Dapper Dan1921Albert Von TilzerLew BrownOct, 99 Gallery
Dardanella1919Felix Bernard & Johnny BlackcomposersMay, 98 Gallery
Darktown Strutters' Ball1917Shelton BrooksBrooksApril, 2011 Issue
Darned If The Fellows Can Do Without Girls, Girls, Girls 1910Billy Gaston Gaston March, '05 Issue
Darling Nellie Gray 1856 Benjamin R. Hanby Hanby June, '09 Issue
Day Dreams1901H. EngelmannnoneSep, 98 Issue
De Boatman Dance 1862 attributed Daniel Decatur Emmett Emmett September, 2011
De History ob de World ca. 1844 T. Contresso unattributed September, 2011
Dear College Chums 1898Charles K. HarrisHarrisNovember, '01 Issue
Dear Heart1919W.C. PollaJean Le Favre Oct, 97 Issue (updated 2006),
Dear Little Boy Of Mine 1918Ernest R. BallJ. Kiern BrennanJuly, '03 Issue
Dear Little Dorothy Dimple1901 L. Leo La ZelleLa Zelle June, 2003 Issue
Dearest Spot on Earth is Home, The ca. 1850 W. T. Wrighton Wrighton December, 2008
Death and The Ladyca.1500Anon.Anon.Aug., 2002 Issue
Decoration Day1913 Andrew J. DineganHugo Hamlin July, 2006 Issue
Deep Night1929Charlie Henderson Rudy Vallee March, 98 Gallery
Dengozo (Tango Land Folio)1914E. NazarethnoneJanuary, 98 Issue
Des Seemanns Los1912Carl HeinsH.W. Petrie-MartellMarch '01 Issue
Dey Said We Wouldn't Fight 1864 Mrs. E. A. Parkhurst Mrs. M. A. Kidder October, 2008 Feature
Didn't You?1920 Hugo FelixAnne Caldwell November, '05 Issue
Dill Pickles Rag 1906 Charles L. Johnson piano solo June, 99 Issue
Dimples1913Percy WenrichEdward MaddenSept., '01 Issue
Dixie Volunteers, The 1917 Edgar Leslie, Harry Ruby Leslie & Ruby Ziegfeld & His Follies, Jan, '04
Dixie's Land1859Dan EmmettcomposerJan., 00 Issue
Dizzy Fingers1923Zez Confreynone August, 98 Gallery (Also Oct.,99)
Do I Love You?1939Cole PortercomposerFeb, 98 Gallery
Do You Remember?1915Carrie Jacobs-BondBondSept., 2002 Issue
Does This Rail-road Go To Heaven? 1906 Lucy A. Schleif Schleif March, 2006
Dog Gone That Chilly Man 1911 Irving Berlin Berlin Ziegfeld & His Follies, Jan, '04
Dolly1921 Vincent Youmans Arthur Frncis (Ira Gershwin) November, '05 Issue
Dolly Varden1903 H. EngelmanRichard C. Dillmore November, '05 Issue
Don't Be Like That1928Mabel Wayne & Abel BaerL. Wolfe GilbertAugust, 98 Gallery
Don't Blame Me1933Jimmy McHughDorothy FieldsJan. 99 Issue
Don't Cry, Baby1943Jimmy Mitchelle, Sammy LowecomposersMarch, 99 Gallery
Don't Cry Frenchy1919Walter DonaldsonSam M. Lewis, Joe YoungJan., 2001 Issue
Don't Cry Little Girl, Don't Cry 1918 Maceo Pinkard Pinkard Feb., 2007
Don't Go Flo1913Elwood WolfWolfJuly, 99 Issue
Don't Say The Word, Farewell 1914Paul C. Pratt J. Will Callahan April, '05 Issue
Don't Take My Darling Boy Away1915Albert Von TilzerWill DillonApril, '04 Issue and Nov., 2000 Issue
Don't Wake Me Up1925Archie Gottler, Charles Tobias, Maceo PinkardcomposersOct, 97 Edition
Don't Wait Too Long1925Irving BerlincomposerNov, 98 Issue
Dooley's Alibi1902Henry WallerRobert M. BurnsideOct., 2000 Issue
Down Argentina Way1940Harry WarrenMack GordonJan. 99 Issue
Down By The Old Mill Stream1910Tell TaylorcomposerMay 99 Issue
Down In Alabam'1858J. WarnerWarnerFeb., 01 Essay
Down In Bom-Bombay 1915 Harry Carroll Edward MacDonald Feb., 2007
Down In Chattanooga1913Irving BerlincomposerApril, 98 Gallery
Nov.,98 Gallery
Down In Jungle Town 1908Theodore MorseEdward MaddenOctober,'03 Issue
Down In Tennessee1903Fred L. RyderM.E/ Rourke Oct, 97 Issue, updated 2006
Down In The Vale Of Shenandoah 1904Charles K. HarrisHarrisNovember, '01 Issue
Down The Lane And Home Again1919M.K. JeromeEdgar Leslie, Bert KalmarJan., 2001 Issue
Down The Trail To Home Sweet Home 1920Ernest R. BallBallMay, '02 Issue
Down Where The Big Bananas Grow 1919 Ted S. Barron Louis Weslyn Feb., 2007
Down Where The Cotton Blossoms Grow1901Andrew SterlingHarry Von TilzerMay, 98 Gallery
Dream Days1913Charles L. JohnsonJohnsonApril, '02 Issue
Dream Facesca.1900Wm. M. HutchisonHutchisonAug., 2000 Issue
Dream of Yesterday, A 1920Kate VannahVannahMay '01 Issue
Dreaming Alone In The Twilight1919Hartley MooreCarl ClemsonApril, '02 Issue
Dreaming In The Moonlight1919 Franklyn Manning Piano onlySept., '05 Issue
Dreamy Alabama1919Mary EarlBallard MacDonaldDec, 97 Issue
Dreamy Melody1922Ted Koehler, Frank Magine, C. NasetKohler, Magine & NasetApril, '02 Issue
Dromedary1925Milt Hagen, Roslyn ClephanecomposersMarch, 98 Gallery (Also Oct. 99)
Dynamite Rag 1910J. Russel Robinsonpiano solo June, '99 Issue
Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location

For a general search of titles or subjects, Go to our Search Page

NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

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