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Our catalog is set up to provide you with a listing of those songs that we have already published, some information about them, and links to the page(s) on which they have appeared.

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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location
Cabin In The Hills1930Cal DeVolDe VolApril, 98 Gallery
Caledonians Quadrilles, Les 1851 Trad. unattributed piano solor June, '09 Issue
California and You1914Harry Puck Edgar Leslie March, '03 Issue
Can Anyone Explain? (No! No! No!)1950Bennie Benjamin, George WeisscomposersMarch, 99 Gallery
Can You Pay? (For A Broken Heart) 1915Charles K. HarrisHarrisNovember, '01 Issue
Can You Tame Wild Wimmen?1918Harry Von TilzerAndrew B. SterlingNov., 99 Issue
Can't Yo' Heah Me Calling1914Caro RomaWm. H. GardinerAug. 99, gallery
Candy1944Mack David, Joan Whitney, Alex KramercomposersMarch, 98 Gallery
Captain, The 1859 Mrs. W. J. Florence Florence June, '09 Issue
Carolina In The Morning1922 Walter DonaldsonGus KahnAug., '03 Issue
Carolina Mammy1922Billy Jamescomposer Nov., 2003 Issue, also Oct, 97 Edition (updated 2006),
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny 1906 James Bland Bland Nov.,'03 Issue
Carve Dat Possum 1875 Sam. Lucas, arr. Herbert Hershey Lucas Essay on "Coon Songs"
Casey Jones, The Brave Engineer1909Eddie NewtonT. Lawrence SiebertFeb., 01 Essay
Cassandra Waltzes1915 Charles L. Johnson Piano onlySept., '05 Issue
Castle Innovation Tango (Tango Land Folio)1914James Reese Europe, Ford T. DabneynoneJanuary, 98 Issue
Castle Walk, The 1914James Reese Europe, Ford T. Dabneynone James Reece Europe Biography
Cathedral Chimes1913Arnold & Brown (sic)composersJune, '02 Issue
Can't Yo' Heah Me Callin'1914Caro RomaWm. H. GardinerApril, 98 Gallery
Cavalier, The1903Sydney P. HarrisnoneApril, 99 Issue
Caw, Caw, Caw! 1905 Maurice Stonehill Stonehill April,'04 Issue
Celestial Chimes 1913May Greenepiano soloJune, '02 Issue
Chapel Chimes 1913M. Greenwaldpiano soloJune, '02 Issue
Charge of the Light Brigade1896E.T. Paullpiano soloJuly, '01 Issue
Charge of the Uhlans, The1908C. Bohm (Op. 212)NoneFebruary, 00 Issue
Chariot Race, The
(Ben Hur March)
1894E.T.PaullNoneJune 98, Issue
Chauffeur, The1906George L. Cobbpiano soloFeb., 01 Issue
Cheating 1908Klare Kummer Kummer April, '05 Issue
Chicago Express, The1905Percy Wenrichpiano soloFeb., 01 Issue
Chili Bean 1920Albert Von TilzerLew BrownMarch,'04 Issue
Chimes At Twilight 1913Leslie Taylorpiano soloJune, '02 Issue
China Boy1922Dick Winfree, Phil Bouteljearr Art TatumJan. 99 Issue
China We Owe a Lot to You1917Milton AgerHoward JohnsonApril, 2011 Issue
Chinatown, My Chinatown1910Jean SchwartzWilliam JeromeAug. 99, Issue
Choir Boy, The 1897 Paul B. Armstrong Clara Scott November, '06
Cindy You're My Dream1903J.B. Mullencomposer January, 2005 Issue,
City Of Dreams1908Louis A. HirschP.G. Wodehouse, Guy BoltonApril, '02 Issue
Clean Hands and Tainted Gold 1904 Alfred Solman Monroe Rosenfeld February, 2006
Clouds Will Soon Roll By, The 1932Harry Woods,
George Brown
Woods & BrownJune 98, Gallery
Oct 98, Issue
Clover Blossom Blues 1922 Gus Kahn, Ernie Erdman, Fred Meinken Kahn, Erdman & Meinken April 07, Issue
Col. Ellsworth Funeral March 1861 Septimus Winner piano solo October, 2008 Feature
College Belles1900Albert KrugnoneApril 99, Issue
College Yell1913J.S. ZamecnikcomposerMay 98, Issue also July 99 Gallery
Come Back! (Let's Be Sweethearts Once More) 1916Charles K. HarrisHarrisNovember, '01 Issue
Come Back Dixie1915Percy WenrichJack MahoneySept., '01 Issue
Come Home, Father 1864Henry C. WorkWorkOctober, '01 Issue
Comin' Thro' The Rye 1796 Trad. Scottish Robert Burns September, 2004
Coming Home 1814Charles WillebyD. Eardley-WilmotMay, '02 Issue
Coming Step, The 1873 Julius S. Muller Piano solo November, '06
Come On Papa1918Harry RubyEdgar LeslieDec., 2000 Issue
Come Rally Freemen, Rally! 1864 Mrs. E. A. Parkhurst John Adams October, 2008 Feature
Comrades, Fill No Glass For Me (From Memories of Stephen Foster folio) 19th CenturyStephen FostercomposerJanuary, 98 Issue
Congo Love Song 1903 Rosamund Johnson J. W. Johnson January, 2007 Issue,
Connecticut March1911William Nassan none, piano solo March, '03 Issue
Coronado Nights1927Herb Berger, Harry Nordberg, Joe StovalcomposersJan. 99 Issue
Costa Rica1930Ernesto LecuonaHarry Ruby,
Sunny Skylar
July 98, Gallery (Also Dec 98 Gallery)
Cottage In God's Garden 1917 Carrie Jacobs-Bond Bond May, '06 Issue
Cow-Cow Boogie1941Don Raye,
Gene DePaul,
Benny Carter
composersJune 98, Gallery
Creep, Baby, Creep1890Charles K. HarrisHarrisChas. K. Harris biography
Crooning Lullabys1921William F. CaesarAl Dubin, Herbert WeiseJan, 98 Gallery
Cruising1944Lee Armentrout, Del CourtneynoneJan. 99 Issue
Cuban Moon 1920 Norman Spencer Joe McKiernan April,'01 Issue
Cubanola Glide, The1909Harry Von TilzerNoneMay 98 Issue
Cuckoo's Call, The 1885 Edgar Selden Selden April,'04 Issue
Cuddle Up1911Irving BerlinBerlin Feb. 00 Essay
Cuddle Up a Little Closer, Lovey Mine 1908 Karl Hoscchna Otto A. Hauerbach January, 2009
Curse of and Aching Heart, The 1913 Al. Piantadosi Henry Fink February, 2006
Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location

For a general search of titles or subjects, Go to our Search Page

NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

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