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Our catalog is set up to provide you with a listing of those songs that we have already published, some information about them, and links to the page(s) on which they have appeared.

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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location
Babes in the Wood1920 Jerome Kern Schuyler Greene November, '05 Issue
Baby Shoes1916Al. PiantadosiJoe Goodwin, Ed RoseJul. 99 Issue
Back Stage Boogie1944Lee Armentrout, Del CourtneynoneJan. 99 Issue
Back To The Bleachers For Mine 1910Albert Von TilzerHarry BreenMarch,'04 Issue
Ballin' The Jack 1913Chris Smithpiano soloFebruary, '02 Issue
Bam Bam Bamy Shore, The1925Ray HendersonMort DixonApril, 98 Gallery
Oct, 97 Edition
Bandits March1908C.W. KrogmannnoneSep, 98 Gallery
Band Played On, The 1895Charles B. WardJohn F. PalmerJanuary, '02 Issue
Barcarolle Waltzes1915J. Russell RobinsonnoneNov, 97 Issue
Barney A'Leen 1871 G. W. Persley A.W. French March 2012, Issue
Battle Cry Of Freedom, The 1862 George F. Root Root April, '04 Issue
Battle Hymn Of The Republic 1861 William Steffe Julia Ward Howe September, 2004
Battle Of Nations, The1915E.T. Paullpiano soloJuly, '01 Issue
Bay View Polka, The1874L. Mathiaspiano soloJan., 00 Issue
Be Kind To The Loved Ones at Home 1847 I. B. Woodbury Woodbury Music of the 1840s, Mar., '09
Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee 1912 Henry I Marshall Stanley Murphy Ziegfeld & His Follies, Jan, '04
Beau Brummel Joe1924Creamer & WarrencomposersJanuary, 98 Issue
Beautiful Dreamer 1864 Stephen C. Foster Foster August, '10 Issue
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere 1897 J. S. Fearis Jessie Brown Pounds November, '06
Beale Street Blues, The1917W.C. HandycomposerSept. 99 Issue also April, 16 feature
Beautiful Dreamerca1840Steven FostercomposerJan. 99 Gallery
Bedelia1903Jean SchwartzWilliam JeromeAug. 99, Issue
Beedle Um Bo!1927Benny Davis, harry Akst, Paul AshcomposersJan. 99 Issue
Bees Knees 1922 Ray Lopez, Ted Lewis Leo Wood June, 2011 Issue,
Begin The Beguine1935Cole PorterCole PorterJuly 98 Issue
June 98, Gallery
Bella, The Belle O' Dunoon1921 Sir Harry LauderLauderDecember, '04
Bells Of St. Mary's, The 1917A. Emmett AdamsDouglas FurberJune, '02 Issue
Bells Of Trinity, The 1913Arnold & Brownpiano soloJune, '02 Issue
Ben Bolt (From Parlor Songs folio)19th CenturyNelson KneasscomposerJanuary, 98 Issue
Beautiful Ohio1918Mary EarlBallard MacDonaldDec, 97 Issue
Beautiful Star Of Heaven 1905Louis A. Drumhellerpiano soloJune, '02 Issue
Beautiful Queen of the Nile1920 Raymond HubbellJohn L. Golden November, '05 Issue
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home? 1902Hughie CannonCannonJanuary, '02 Issue
Billow of Fire, The 1877 P. P. Bliss Bliss July, '16 Feature
Billy Boy1918C. Lucky RobertsLester A. WaltonNov, 97 Issue
Bird In A Gilded Cage, A 1900Harry Von TilzerArthur J. LambOctober, '01 Issue
Birds of a Feather 1921 Edgar Moran Jack McGowan April,'04 Issue
Birth Of Love Waltzes1902ComposerLyricistMay, 98 Gallery
The Blackhawk Waltz1897Mary E. Walshnone Dec, 97 Issue
Blaze Away1901Abe HolzmannnoneApril, 99 Issue
Bless My Swanee River Home 1919 Walter Donaldson Sam M Lewis, Joe Young Rivers of Melody Feature
Bloom and Blossom1887 Eduard Holstnone, piano solo June, 2003 Issue
Blow Boys, Blowc.1815anon.anon.Essay, Songs of the Sea
Blue (and Broken Hearted) 1922Lou HandmanGrant Clarke & Edgar LeslieApril 07, Issue
Blue Bell1904Theodore F. MorseEdward MaddenMay, 98 Gallery
Blue Bird, Bring Back My Happiness 1917 Bert Grant Geo. Graff Jr. April,'04 Issue
Bluebird1915Katherine A. GlenCarrie Shaw-RiceSept., 2002 Issue
Blue Danube, The1908 Johann Strauss ii Piano only Sept., '05 Issue
Blue Diamonds 1920 Jack Caddigan, Chick Story Caddigan & Story June, 2011 Issue,
Blue Feather1909Theodore Morsepiano soloAug.99, Issue
Blue Juniata, The 1841 M. D. Sullivan Sullivan Music of the 1840s, Mar., '09
Blue Jeans1920Lou TravellerHarry D. Kerr Oct, 97 Issue, updated 2006
Blue Rose1917Frederic Knight LoganJ.R. ShannonAug.'01 Issue
Blue Venetian Waters1937Bronislaw Caper
Walter Jurmann
Gus KahnJuly 98, Issue
Blues (My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me) 1919 Arthurn N. Swanstone, Chas. R. Mc Carron, Carey Morgan Swanstone, McCarron & Morgan April 07, Issue
Bluin' The Blues 1919 H. W. Ragas Sydney D. Mitchell April 07, Issue
Bobbin' Up And Down1905Theodore MorseD.A. EsromMarch '01 Issue
Break The News To Mother1897Charles K. HarrisHarrisChas. K. Harris biography
Bridal Eve Polka 1862 Harry Sanderson piano solo August, '10 Issue
Bright Eyes1920Otto Motzan, M.K. JeromeHarry B. SmithNov 99 Gallery
Bright Star of Heaven 1909 F. R. Kimball Piano solo March, 2006
Bring Back My Daddy To Me 1917George W. MeyerWilliam Tracey & Howard JohnsonJuly, '03 Issue
Bring Back Those Wonderful Days 1919 Nat VincentDarl MacBoyleJuly, '03 Issue
Bring Me A Rose1918Charles ShislerShislerAug.'01 Issue
Broken Blossoms1919 A. Robert King Ballard MacDonald Dec. 03 Issue
By A Waterfall1933Sammy FainIrving KahalJuly 98 Gallery
June 98, Gallery
By The Light Of The Jungle Moon 1911J. Caldwell AtkinsonPowell I. FordOctober,'03 Issue
Buddy1919 W.C. Polla Jean LeFavre Dec. 03 Issue
Buffalo Girls Will You Come Out Tonight 1844 unknown Cool White September, 2011
Bully Song, The 1896 Charles E. Trevathan Trevathan Essay on "Coon Songs"
Bunker Hill March 1905Albert Von Tilzernone, piano soloMarch,'04 Issue
Burning of Rome, The1903E.T. PaullNone Dec. '97 Issue
But Beautiful1941James VanHeusenJohnny BurkeJuly 98, Gallery
Buzzin the Bee1916 jack WellsWells November, '05 Issue
By The Beautiful Sea 1914 Harry Carroll Harold R. Atteridge July,'05 Issue
By The Campfire1919Percy WenrichMabel Elizabeth GirlingSept., '01 Issue
By The Waters of Minnetonka1917 Thurlow Lieurance J. M. Cavanass June, '06 Issue
Bye-Lo1919Ray PerkinsNoneJuly 99, Issue
Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location

For a general search of titles or subjects, Go to our Search Page

NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

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